After 25 years of marriage, Adam and Jackie Sandler have enjoyed the blessings of parenthood with their two daughters.

Adam makes spending quality time with his family a priority despite his hectic schedule. This demonstrates his dedication to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
Thanks to his iconic roles in numerous beloved films, ranging from serious films like “Uncut Gems” to romantic comedies like “Just Go with It,” Adam Sandler is still a popular figure in Hollywood.

Adam is happily married to his stunning spouse and works as a successful actor and producer. The cherished wife of “Billy Madison,” Jackie, and the actor celebrated their 20 years of marriage on June 22. Their journey together has spanned an incredible 25 years, since they fell in love five years prior to getting married.

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Even more remarkable is Adam and Jackie’s 20th wedding anniversary in a world where long-lasting unions are uncommon. To commemorate this significant occasion, Adam posted a heartfelt photo of himself and Jackie on their wedding day, looking stunning in their bridal gowns. Adam left a heartfelt remark on the photo:

“Happy 20th birthday, Jackie! “Saying yes” with you was the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten. I have loved and respected your wonderful heart more each day since the day I first laid eyes on you. We. The children. Baby, let’s proceed. Sending hugs and kisses. Every every time, without fail.
The picture shows the happy couple holding hand in hand beneath a gorgeously covered pathway. Soft pink chairs are arranged for guests to sit on in the backdrop as Adam gives his bride, Jackie, a tender glance that she reciprocate.

Their Fortunate Encounter Adam and Jackie first crossed paths on the production of the 1999 film “Big Daddy,” just before this lovely scene on their wedding day. While Jackie, a former model, tried her hand at acting and landed a modest role as a waiter in a sports bar, Adam was concentrating on his work as a movie star.

“We locked eyes and fell deep,” Adam recollected of their first meeting. That would be the starting point of their long-term romance. In addition to collaborating on film, their bond deepened and got deeper off set.

Unalterable Union Years later, Adam and Jackie embarked on their adventure together. They exchanged vows in a stunning Jewish ceremony at Dick Clark’s seaside Malibu mansion on June 22, 2003. The couple exchanged vows in front of 400 esteemed guests, which included Adam’s cherished dog Meatball.

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