A secret message from Jane’s maid of honour changed the course of her wedding day just as she was ready to go down the aisle. What was written on the notepad?
You are aware that your wedding day need to be the happiest of your life? But because I broke up with my fiancé thirty minutes before the wedding, it was a day I’ll never forget.
Here’s what happened:

In my room, I was preparing for what would turn out to be the most significant day of my life.

Cindy, my maid of honour, rushed in while I was putting on my lipstick.
Since she’s not the huggable type, I knew something was wrong when she wrapped her arms around me tightly. She handed me a note and said, in a whisper, “Read this now.” Go ahead. GO! Then she was gone without any prior notice.
My heart was pounding in my chest now that I was confused. I quickly skimmed the message. “Go use the toilet.” That was the only thing mentioned.

The last-minute planning was keeping the wedding coordinator busy. I apologised to her as I approached her, saying that I had to use the loo. Please give me five minutes.

She nodded, looking both attentive and a little nervous.

Acting like they’d seen a ghost, Dad and Cindy were waiting outside the loo.

Dad handed me another note and shook his hand. “Read it, but brace yourself,” he added. It was difficult for me to hear him.
The note was a bombshell.
Alex, my fiancé, was seeing someone else, a woman named Mara. There on the page was their private, flirtatious text exchange. They had been together for a very long time even before Alex and I decided to get engaged. In their most recent correspondence, they announced that they will be hooking up following our “honeymoon.”

My world suddenly came to an end.

“Why? How did you come into possession of this? I asked, my voice barely audible.

Cindy looked at me and gave me a hurt, angry expression. “I’ve been unsure of Alex. I heard murmuring while he surreptitiously used his phone. I therefore looked after you as any friend would.
It turns out that she had hired a private investigator two months earlier who had been able to ascertain Alex’s reality.
My heart fell when I realised that the man I had truly and deeply loved was a liar and a cheater.

Dad was a rock for me as usual.We were given the report today. waited till the very last minute to make a choice. “We couldn’t allow you to marry him after learning this,” he said, wrapping his arm around me.

I saw the sadness in his eyes. Dad raised me by himself after my mother passed away when I was two years old. His dream was to see my union.

I felt like I was numb. lied to them. As I tried to process everything, I said in a whisper. “Give me a minute,”

Eventually, I understood what had to be done. “We have to expose him,” I said adamantly. “However,”
Cindy gave me a small smile. “I have a plan in motion. You will, however, need to exercise some initiative. Are you able to do that?
I nodded, desperate for some justice. Cindy explained her plan.

We made a fake message thread with a made-up character that looked like Alex’s real ones.

While guests crowded the site and whispered about the delay, Cindy quietly informed a few close family members and friends about a “surprise” during the ceremony to make sure we had their full attention.

As I walked down the aisle, my pulse was pounding—not from delight, but from the anticipation of what was going to happen. Alex seemed confused yet relieved to see me coming.
Standing before our guests, I took a big breath. I continued, “Ladies and gentlemen, there’s something you need to know before I marry Alex.”

Then Cindy hit the projector, making the fake texts show. Everyone in the room gasped, staring at us.
Alex’s expression went from being white to red. “This is ridiculous! He cried out, “They’re lying!” yet there was another telltale sign that he was lying—his voice was shaking.

“Yeah, these are fake,” I said in a firm yet collected manner. But they are exactly the same as the ones Alex has been forwarding to someone else. We have all been duped by him.

Everyone in the group let out a loud gasp again. People were shocked and disappointed. Alex tried to disprove it, but Cindy gave our family the real evidence. He came to light.
The wedding was called off. Alex’s parents looked uncomfortable and unsatisfied as they walked away. It was embarrassing for his family, but I was stuck with it.

Upon seeing me, people praised my bravery and offered words of encouragement. Dad and Cindy were standing next to me, and I felt so strong and loved. It brought me great joy to have them by my side.

Even though it wasn’t the wedding day I had planned, it was a significant milestone in my recovery and a move in the direction of a future in which honesty and trust would always be valued.

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