Nekia Dodd and Yarnell Sampson, Tyre’s parents, resolved part of their wrongful death claim for an unknown amount. Last March 24, Tyre fell from a 430-foot amusement ride and died.

Spring Break brought the 14-year-old and another Missouri family to Florida. As the ride descended, Tyre escaped the bonds. Fox 35 reported that the drop tower had opened less than four months prior to the event. It’s permanently closed and anticipated to disappear before Tyre’s first anniversary.
Tyre’s parents sued ICON Park, Slingshot Group, Fun Time Thrill Rides, and Gerstlauer Amusement Rides a month after their child’s death.

Michael Haggard, her attorney, informed reporters this week that the parents settled with Icon Park and Slingshot Group. Fun Times and Gerstlauer are still targets.
Tyre Sampson’s Mother Attends ICON Park Tower Ride Destruction
Wednesday’s ICON Park press conference featured Michael Haggard’s lawsuit update. Nekia, Tyre’s mother, witnessed the ride’s demolition for the first time at the site of his death. Haggard said she prioritised removing the ride.
The Florida Senate and Agricultural Committee debated a Tyre Sampson memorial measure this week. Senator Geraldine Thompson introduced the Tyre Sampson Act to increase ride inspections, rules, and training.

Tyre’s mother, Nekia, also advocated for amusement ride safety. Her lawyer stated it was Tyre’s mother’s second legacy wish at Wednesday’s press conference. Nekia wanted seatbelts and harnesses for rides beyond 150 feet.

Florida’s inquiry discovered that Tyre’s seat was physically altered to fit his 300-pound frame. Haggard claimed more safety features could have saved Tyre.
Senator Thompson said Fox 35 she will change the bill to include Dodd’s comments. The bill also allows the state to inspect rides unannounced, sign them off before opening, evaluate personnel training, and close unsafe rides.

Haggard said “our children are all at risk” unless Florida’s governor passes the bill.

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