Blac Chyna Has Had Her Facial Fillers Removed, and She Claims That She Has “Outgrown” Her Public Persona: Blac Chyna “I’m Ready To Go Back To Angela,” said the speaker.

Blac Chyna is moving forward with the process of bringing about positive changes in her life. Wednesday was the day when the 34-year-old turned to Instagram to document the procedure of getting facial fillers extracted from her face.

According to The Shade Room, Chyna revealed earlier this week that she had her breast and butt shots removed. Chyna also said that she had lip injections.

Viewers are invited to follow Blac Chyna as she works to get rid of her facial fillers.
On Wednesday, Blac Chyna uploaded a video from earlier that day on her Instagram account and shared it with her followers. Chyna revealed that she would be visiting a dermatologist in order to get the filler that was previously placed in her cheekbones and jawline removed.
Chyna also revealed that she has done her research on the process of dissolving the fillers, and despite the fact that it is rumoured to “sting,” she is determined to get the fillers removed from her face. In addition, the 34-year-old showed off her newly shortened fingernails. She had previously stated that she wants to “retire the long, pointed nails” that she is typically seen rocking, so this change came as no surprise.

When Chyna arrived in the office of her specialist, she began by discussing the reasons behind her decision to make this adjustment.

Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, then proceeded to clarify the distinction between Angela and her public character, Blac Chyna. Angela is Chyna’s real name.
On Monday, Blac Chyna announced her decision to lessen the size of her breast and butt augmentation via her Instagram account. This news was first reported by The Shade Room. The woman, who is 34 years old, published a series of videos in which she argued that if she stopped taking butt shots, she might go to “the next level.”

Chyna also took the time to educate fans on the distinction between butt shots and BBLs. In addition to that, Chyna elaborated on the risks associated with putting silicone inside of one’s body.
Chyna contemplated her choice after her breast and butt reduction, and she concluded that it was “one of the best” decisions that she has ever made in her whole life.
Chyna told her audience that they each have the power to “heal” their life by explaining this in the captions that accompanied her videos.
What do you think, Chyna’s roommates, regarding the recent choices Chyna has made?

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