Evelyn Lozada, who stars on reality television, certainly deserves some praise and congratulations. People magazine had the exclusive right to report on Thursday that Lozada, 47, is engaged to businessman LaVon Lewis, 42.

According to reports, the newly engaged couple first made their acquaintance on the unaired dating show Queens Court, which featured both Lozada and Lewis. LaVon is the proprietor of his own marketing agency, as stated on his Instagram feed, which may be viewed here.
On the day of her birthday, Evelyn Lozada announced that she was engaged. On December 10, 2022, Lozada had her 47th birthday. This occurred in the month of December. She reportedly commemorated the occasion in Los Angeles with a modest get-together that was attended by her family and some close friends.

There, Lewis posed the significant question that he had been planning to ask the reality television star. The co-founder of the marketing business that Lozada used shared their thoughts on the incident with the outlet.
In addition, Lozada’s offer featured a “special cake with butterflies,” which was a part of the dessert. The publication said that one side of the card read “Happy Birthday,” while the other side read “She said, ‘Yes.'”

Evelyn Lozada Did Not Anticipate Lavon’s Suggestion in the Least.
PEOPLE claims that only Lozada’s manager and two of Lewis’ acquaintances were aware that the latter was about to propose to the former.

Lozada went into greater detail.
The woman, who is now 47 years old, went on to say that she adores the engagement ring that Lewis gave her, which was designed by Twila True.
Evelyn Lozada & LaVon Lewis’ Future Plans
Lozada and Lewis are currently involved in a long-distance relationship, as both of their homes are located on different coasts. Lozada calls Los Angeles home, while Lewis calls Georgia home. On the other hand, Lewis disclosed that he intends to settle in the Los Angeles area once his son Jordan, who will be 13 years old next year, begins attending high school.

Lozada is also the mother of Shaniece Hairston, who is 29 years old and whom she shares with Jamal Hairston, as well as Leo Crawford, who is 8 years old and whom she shares with Carl Crawford, who was a professional baseball player in the past.
She explained that her son Leo and Lewis’ son Jordan are good friends and play together frequently.
Lewis went so far as to say that his son frequently “texts” Lozada, and that the two are “very, really close.”
In addition, Lozada and Lewis are looking forward to holding their wedding ceremony during the colder months of the year. She stated to the publication that she had “never encountered this vibe” before, and now she understands why things have never worked out with anyone else.
Partnerships That Evelyn Lozada Had Earlier Throughout Her Life
In 2010, Lozada reportedly began a romantic relationship with Chad Ochocinco, who was playing for the NFL. After dating for four months, Ochocinco proposed to Lozada with an engagement diamond that was ten carats in weight.

However, in 2012, the couple divorced after an episode of domestic violence in which Ochocino allegedly headbutted Lozada in the face during an argument. This led to the domestic violence charge being brought against Ochocino. TMZ reports that the altercation began “over a condom receipt she found in his car,” which served as the catalyst for the conflict.

Lozada and Crawford respectively After that, Crawford reportedly became engaged in 2013 and the couple went on to have a kid named Leo the following year.

On the other hand, Lozada and Carl Crawford reportedly called off their engagement in the year 2017, as reported by US Magazine. According to the outlet’s story, a spokesman for Lozada stated the cause for the breakup of the couple as “infidelity.”
Do you feel glad for Evelyn Lozada now that you know she has found love again? Roommates, what do you think?

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