After donning a one-piece bikini, Goldie Hawn, 78, was urged to “cover up”.
The 39-year-old Katy Perry’s fans were baffled by “what happened” to her after they saw her in a white swimsuit.
On a family vacation, Seal’s daughter, 20, displayed her stunning curves.
Catherine Zeta-Jones’s 54-year-old physique in a tiny triangle bikini stunned many.
On a boat, 54-year-old Jennifer Lopez posed in a one-piece swimsuit and shoes.
At the beach, 48-year-old Reese Witherspoon received backlash for her “flabby” body type.
In a lemon bikini, the 30-year-old daughter of Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher showed off her “goddess” physique.

Along with the summer’s heat, many celebrities have been turning heads in their striking bikinis. We’ve put together a list of some of the most stylish swimsuit ensembles from June so far. These comments range from Goldie Hawn’s requested to “cover up” from her swimsuit to Jennifer Lopez’s solo photo shoot in a plunging one-piece.
Why Was Goldie Hawn At the Beach Requested to “Cover Up”?
Recently, while on vacation in Skiathos, Greece, with her longtime partner Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn showed off a chic style. She was dressed in a black one-piece bikini top with a patterned scarf around her waist. A white clamp was used to secure her untidy blonde hair, letting a few strands fall over her face.

Her carefree appearance, meanwhile, drew criticism. “Eternally youthful?????” was the comment made by a perplexed netizen upon seeing the 78-year-old actress’s portrait on social media. In response, another user suggested that people leave Hawn and Russell alone so they may enjoy their holiday.
Hawn accessorized her carefree beach costume with white strappy sandals and dark sunglasses. Russell wore a long-sleeved dark blue shirt, black shorts, and a gray baseball cap. He was once also spotted without a shirt.

More internet users expressed their opinions online. One was dissatisfied and said, “That’s great! Now, please put on a shirt.” in response to Russell’s decision to go shirtless.
As for Hawn and Russell, one critic said, “There comes a time when people should reconsider what they wear… some form of a cover-up would be appropriate here.” She implied that the two should dress more conservatively.

“That doesn’t even look like them,” remarked one person who wondered if the couple in the pictures was the famous couple.
While the longstanding couple was being criticized, some defended Hawn and Russell. A fan who was supportive wrote, “I just love Goldie, she is my idol. I hope I look like that at her age rather than some of the Pete Burns look-alikes 👀 I still think he is hot too.” expressing appreciation for their youthful appearance.

To the naysayers, one more netizen offered some perspective on aging, saying, “They look like an older couple, just like the rest of us.”
The same vacation destination that Hawn and Russell went to in 2022 was Skiathos. During that trip, Hawn looked amazing flaunting her arms, chest, and legs in a black one-piece swimsuit and sunglasses.

Russell, who has always thought Hawn is gorgeous, was shirtless and dressed in black and white shorts as they took a speedboat trip together. Even though Russell was impressed, when pictures from their vacation appeared, Twitter commenters took issue with the couple’s appearance.
“They both look really aged, and I do understand they’re older, but [it] looks like they didn’t age as well as the article seems to intend to make us believe,” was one of the deplorable remarks Hawn and Russell received.

They were promptly targeted by more vile people who said, “No, not attractive. Look what happened to Goldie Hawn after she got her lips fattened. UGLY.”
Additional internet users expressed negative comments regarding Goldie Hawn. Someone said, “Nah, Goldie Hawn was kinda ugly to me when she was younger. 😭 She didn’t get cute until she was old.” A other user inquired, “Name a celebrity who is naturally ugly? — Goldie Hawn.”
Hawn and Russell’s admirers, however, were fast to defend them and showered them with affection. Numerous admirers remarked on how attractive the two were alone and together, stating they were meant to be together.
A supporter praised the actress, “Goldie Hawn has the best energy!✨✨✨If you could bottle her positive vibes and good energy and give it away the world would be a happier place! Wake up & breathe!❤️🙏.”

What About Katy Perry in a White Swimsuit Annoyed Fans?
There’s a big buzz as Katy Perry lets her wild side loose! The pop diva revealed her toned form in a seductive photo that was released on Monday, June 24. The “Roar” singer dazzles in the photo sporting a bold white bikini and a futuristic touch with black armored legs that give her a half-robot appearance.
Excitedly disclosing the release dates in her comment, Perry used the post—which has already garnered almost a million likes—to promote the debut of her new single, “Woman’s World.” “WOMAN’S WORLD.

In an effort to raise excitement, Perry released a video of herself singing a line from her next song while wearing the same striking ensemble. Excitement is increased throughout the clip as she whips her hair and moves the camera closer to show off her outfit.
Reactions to the audacious post were not uniform. A perplexed follower questioned, “Umm, what happened to Katy Perry? She does not look the same.” A stunned fan remarked, “Doesn’t even look like Katy.”

“You have forgotten where you came from! We don’t want to see that image! So disappointed!” a more conservative critic bemoaned his lack of success, while another user offered a wardrobe change, stating, “She’s wealthy enough to buy a bikini top that fits.”
The devoted followers of Perry were fast to protect her in spite of the critiques. The singer isn’t afraid to talk about her body, embrace her curves, and admit that she’s not sample-sized. One fan simply said, “Goddess.”

In an open interview from the past, Perry disclosed that when she was modeling the Cover Girl cosmetics line, her cup size didn’t match her chest.
Perry, a strong supporter of body acceptance, said, “This cup doesn’t fit in and my boobs are down to here. I’m not trying to cover them, either.” in reference to her attire. She hopes the topic will continue to progress.
She feels that women shouldn’t be limited to labels such as plus-size or curvaceous. Perry urges everyone to accept each person for who they are, with their own body shape. Well-known for her audacity and distinctive flair, she doesn’t hesitate to disregard the naysayers.

What Was the Daughter of Seal and Heidi Klum Like During a Family Vacation?
Leni Olumi Klum, the 20-year-old daughter of famous supermodel Heidi Klum and iconic musician Seal, brought the heat to Sardinia, Italy’s sunny beaches, leaving many speechless in her swimwear. On June 20, Leni’s vacation images became viral online, sparking a lot of discussion among the public.
Leni looked stunning in a vibrant bikini, relishing the excitement and tranquility of a fantastic family vacation. Keeping it stylish, she accessorized her two-piece with a stunning black choker, a pair of black sunglasses, and a messy bun for her dark hair.
Her beau, Aris Rachevsky, matched the up-and-coming young model by donning blue board shorts and a gold necklace as an accessory. He was seen using earphones in one ear while enjoying some music in a few pictures.

The couple, who have allegedly been dating for around three years, can be seen cuddling up to each other in a number of pictures that have been posted online. Aris once seemed to be photographing his lover when she was posing on a rock by the shore.
Leni was joined by her mother, Heidi, and her stepfather, Tom Kaulitz, who happens to be Heidi’s husband, in addition to Aris. Heidi, who at one point felt especially liberated, matched her daughter’s beach day atmosphere by donning sunglasses and a dark-colored bikini with flower designs.
Wearing flowy slacks, a long-sleeved blue blouse, and a blue cap, Heidi and Tom looked just as cute as the young lovebirds as they relaxed on chairs and shared sweet kisses and embraces during their alone time.

Online stir was sparked by the public’s response to the family’s beach day photos that were posted online during their holiday in Sardinia. To put it mildly, the majority of individuals were not impressed by Leni’s appearance or behavior with her partner. A Facebook user said, “May I suggest the bikini is too tiny?”
Social media users disagreed with an article headline labeling Leni curvaceous, saying, “Straight body no curves.” Another person said, “She resembles her dad.” Still another said, “Certainly doesn’t behave very classy.”
One very opinionated commenter wrote a long message supporting Leni. In it, they said, “She is a beautiful girl..and no she’s not too skinny despite the bullying in these comments..but she’s just straight up and down not a curve in sight. That’s ok.. but when we think incredible figure we think Sophia Vergara for example.”

Some followers applauded Heidi and brought Leni’s mother into the internet argument about some people thinking their dresses were too exposing. An admirer shouted, “She wants to feel natural, good for her!”
“Like mother like daughter,” remarked another Facebook user, “If You’ve Got It Why Not Flaunt It? She Is Absolutely Gorgeous ❤️.” In reference to Heidi and Leni.
Regarding the remark made earlier regarding the mother and daughter having a similarity, there are other similarities between Heidi and Leni. In keeping with her mother’s professional path, the 20-year-old has already begun modeling.

In a triangle bikini, how did Catherine Zeta-Jones seem so hot?
Recent social media post by Catherine Zeta-Jones is demonstrating that age is just a number. The 54-year-old actress stunned fans with her ageless beauty when she recently used Instagram to display her amazing body.
The actress shared a photo on her Instagram Story on June 25. She showed off a stunning one-piece black swimsuit with a one-shoulder top. Zeta-Jones humorously captioned the picture, which emphasized her toned physique, “Oops! You caught me posing!”
She posed for a picture in front of the mirror, one hand on the wall and the other clutching her phone. Her chic swimwear, with its seductive bust cutout, was accessorized with black shades. The actress enhanced her glitzy appearance by accessorizing with a crème fedora.

Just one day earlier, on June 24, Zeta-Jones shared two eye-catching monochrome images that suggested she was ready for summer. In one photo, she was next to a balcony wearing a striped bikini that accentuated her body. She playedfully held a black sun hat with a big brim in her palms as she posed.
She wore black sunglasses and showed off her toned abs. She wrote, “Officially Summer Chez Moi,” as the caption for the picture, which also featured an image of her submerged upside down in a pool.

Her carefree and self-assured demeanor, which perfectly encapsulated summer, enthralled many. “WOW,” “Oh darling! Are you really that slim and sleek?” and other remarks were among the many opinions expressed by those who offered their thoughts.
Regarding Zeta-Jones’ youthful looks, one fan gushed, saying, “At 54 looking 45 and a body of a 20-year-old[sic].” Another fan said, “Stunning.” Still another fan commended the actress’s toned form, saying, “What a wonderful shape! Well done!”

The actress has never been afraid to show off her amazing figure in different swimsuits. She has voiced concern about the unattainable beauty standards that social media places on younger women, despite her seeming confidence.
Zeta-Jones expressed her sympathy for young ladies who are overwhelmed by the deluge of flawless photographs on the internet in an open interview. “I really feel sorry for my daughter’s generation who are inundated with images on social media with filters,” she stated.

She made the observation that social media frequently fails to capture a woman’s actual nature. Zeta-Jones noted, thinking back on her personal experiences, that she wasn’t reared in the social media era. She went on to say that it could have had a big effect on her self-esteem if she had been.
How Did Jennifer Lopez Take Her Own Selfies on a Boat?
On June 21, Jennifer Lopez and her companions took a leisurely trip to Positano, Italy. She looked amazing with an open-toed shoe and a plunging white one-piece swimsuit. Her long hair was pulled back into a thick ponytail.

She wore a basket bag, gold jewelry, and large sunglasses as accessories. She laughed with her travel mates, took selfies, and enjoyed the sun.
Photographers took pictures of Lopez on a boat earlier that week, on June 18, where she flaunted her toned abs in a cream-colored bandeau top and multicolored shorts. Her iconic Dior bag and gold sandals finished the ensemble.
Following reports of their divorce that appeared in May, Lopez and actor Ben Affleck’s separate engagements occurred while Lopez enjoyed her vacation in Italy and he stayed in Los Angeles to film his new picture, “The Accountant 2.”

Why Did Reese Witherspoon Face Criticism Regarding Her Figure?
During her vacation in Italy, 48-year-old Reese Witherspoon made headlines and generated discussions on social media by revealing her true figure in a provocative black swimsuit. Wearing a $112 Malibu One Piece from the inclusive brand Andie, the actress enjoyed the sun.

The images went viral fast, evoking a wide range of responses from online users. Some fans called Witherspoon’s self-assured performance “incredible,” while others had harsher criticism.
“What kind of bathing suit is that?” a curious user inquired about Witherspoon’s swimsuit design. “‘Incredible figure’? She doesn’t look terrible for her age, but she looks old and a little flabby. Are standards so low we call this ‘incredible’ [sic]?” a critic said.

Some thought her appearance was less attractive and said, “Absolutely hate 2 even say dis but 50% Witherspoon [photos] she’s str8 fire & other 50% i wonder if i’m being catfished? [sic]” Still another commented on her appearance, pointing out that it’s partly because of her newfound freedom after the divorce.
Others emphasized that people should wear whatever they want without passing judgment, saying, “The bathing suit of a lady who doesn’t want to mix more than she wants, that’s all.. Everyone dresses and puts on what they want, that’s no one’s problem [sic]!” Still others complimented Witherspoon, saying, “She looks great!”

Witherspoon’s daring wardrobe selection is a wonderful fit for her long-standing support of self-acceptance and body positivity. She talked about her partnership with Eloquii to introduce a plus-sized line for her 2015-founded Draper James business in an interview from 2018.
What Was the ‘Goddess’ Body Like of Frances Fisher and Clint Eastwood’s Daughter?
You’ll be reaching for your sunglasses after seeing this gorgeous Instagram photo that Francesca Eastwood just shared. She lit up the summer when she showed off her suntanned body in a gorgeous swimsuit.

The 30-year-old looked amazing in a lemon-print bikini from the J. Crew collection, which went well with her stylish appearance. Francesca wore an open collared shirt with the same vivid print, adding a little flair.
The comment section caught fire when she shared a glimpse of her toned abs. Wearing exquisite layered necklaces and big eyeglasses, the actress radiated a sophisticated yet glamorous look. In addition, she exuded a carefree charm thanks to her sleek, wet hairstyle.

Francesca posed in front of a picture of a warm and inviting kitchen setting with glass cabinets revealing dinner plates. “I’m speechless 😎,” exclaimed her mother Frances Fisher, as admirers bombarded her with praises like “Perfection” and “Gorgeous!!!! You are a goddess 🥰❤️.”

Francesca’s photo, with its unmistakable charisma and summery style, is only one look into a life full of family, talent, and a distinctive background. One admirer said, “Clint’s greatest accomplishment.”

Despite the challenges of being a large, blended family, the 30-year-old’s childhood was full with wonderful adventures and strong family bonds while growing up with her mother, Frances. Frances, a single mother who grew up in a variety of countries, including Italy and England, has always been committed to establishing a permanent home for her daughter.

From the stories covered in this digest, it’s evident that these Hollywood celebs were not hesitant to flaunt their bodies and show off their physiques, regardless of whether or not their sexy swimsuit displays were welcomed. Watch this space for our upcoming roundup of important news!

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