Serena Williams, the tennis icon, has once again captivated her audience and following by sharing an important turning point in her quest toward postpartum fitness.

Williams, who has been working hard to fit into the cherished Valentino denim midi skirt, shared a video of herself trying it on for the third time on Instagram on Monday, July 1.
Williams, 42, added in the caption, “Ok everyone, the jean skirt is baaaaaackkkkkk. Paris was enjoyable, however I need to check if I can still fit into this skirt. I’m kind of praying about it.

She looked adorable in the video, wearing a light pink romper and projecting a mix of fun and excitement. Since the last time, I haven’t tried it on. Let’s see what transpires in this case. Let’s offer up our prayers. “If it doesn’t work out, don’t get negative,” she advised her followers.

Williams showed hope and drive as she tried to pull on the skirt. She was able to button the skirt, but the footage showed that she was still unable to fully zip it up. “We don’t have that big of a problem anymore, but we still got a little bit of a problem,” she said, acknowledging the minor win.

Williams smiled and acknowledged the nagging question, “Who in the world is fitting these skirts?” with her trademark wit. She conveyed her delight with the progress accomplished thus far, despite the minor setback.

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“I might need to check back in another few weeks,” she said. She admitted that the skirt was “a little tight, I can’t really breathe.” Perhaps I should make one more video.”

Williams expressed her gratitude to her supporters and thanked them for joining her on her “long” and “hard journey.” “We’ve made a lot of progress,” she said, praising the group’s effort. Her fan base responded to the video in a variety of ways, offering both support and condemnation.

Numerous admirers praised her for being transparent and praised her appearance right now, showering her with sympathetic remarks. “You look fantastic! One fan said, “You just need a different kind of stretchy jeans skirt!”

Her post-pregnancy metamorphosis was applauded by another follower who said, “Serena, you look absolutely amazing after 2 babies 🙌 and show how black women look even better with age! 🙌”
Support kept coming in when one more admirer said, “Progress! You’re capable of this! 🙌🙌🙌.” Many others were moved by the realism of her journey, as demonstrated by the following comment: “I appreciate your candor about the effort and hardship. not endorsing culture x’s snap back.”

Not all responses, though, were favorable. Several online users made assumptions about how she lost weight and recommended taking medicine. One commenter joked, “OZEMPIC!!” and another said, “Apparently ozempic is amazing.” Another netizen echoed this opinion by saying, “Ozempic truly is a miracle.”

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She has a history of being determined to fit into this garment. She tried for the first time in late January. Williams amusingly revealed her difficulty wearing a floor-length denim item from the Italian design brand in a video that was uploaded on January 29. Under the caption on the video, “The Diary of a Denim skirt (part 1) #valentino,” she talked about the difficulties she had at first wearing it.
As Williams attempted to get her legs into the design, she said, “I got this cool Valentino skirt when I was pregnant, and I was like, ‘I’m going to be able to fit this when I don’t have a belly.'” But then reality set in and she said, “I can’t fit it.” She wasn’t deterred in the least.

Declaring to the camera, “This is my goal,” she acknowledged that she “should have been able to fit it by now, but I got distracted for about a month.” With a hint of amusement, she continued, “I’m about a month behind. Houston, there is an issue. Palm Beach, there’s an issue.”
Laughing, she gave up on her first attempt, the skirt stopping just below her bum. “I think I can fit it in like a month if I go to the gym and get fit,” she stated with optimism. At that point, she made the decision to temporarily store the skirt back in the drawer.

Williams didn’t want to give up and tried again in May. She shared another video on Instagram on May 22 and wrote, “Hey everyone, I’ve been working my 🍑 off! I should see how my jean skirt turns out. Is it still fit for me? Look it over!” She tried to fit into the maxi skirt while using a shaper in this video.

“I’ve been working out a lot, but I’m not sure if the needle is getting bigger,” she remarked as she stepped into the stiff clothing. “Let’s see if Compton has a problem still.” Williams said, “I can’t say I’m happy about this,” as she battled to pull the skirt over her hips.

Williams was frustrated, but she also saw some improvement over her January try. She laughed and remarked, “It’s getting there,” pointing out that she could now pull the skirt up a little higher than before. “So, almost there,” she continued, emphasizing her inch-by-inch advancement.
Williams joked, “I just want to cry,” as she put the skirt back in her closet to end the amusing video. She did, however, reassure her fans, saying, “I’m not going to stop eating all the snacks,” before grinning lightheartedly.

Beyond her efforts to shave off some inches, Williams has been transparent about her overall experience adjusting to motherhood. She talked about her challenges with postpartum concerns and her weight loss objectives about a year after giving birth to her second child, Adira River Ohanian.

She shared a video of herself getting skin tightening for her “tummy” on June 15 in an effort to take care of herself.
Williams began her caption by talking about how hard it was to prioritize oneself as a mother of two. She said that eventually, she was able to take an hour during her children’s naps to focus on herself and her business.

She revealed that a friend had given her a spa day on her most recent vacation to Paris since she knew she had been self-conscious about her stomach following the birth of her two children.
Williams may be seen in the video resting on a spa table while a technician uses a device to massage her tummy. She talked about how her stomach was getting some kind of radio frequency treatment, and how great the results had been.

“I can see progress with my skin going back to normal and my confidence coming back.” Noticing that her body will never be the same, she added, “My body will never be the same but neither will I because I have two amazing lights in my life.”

Serena Williams thanked her friends for supporting her in setting aside time for self-care. She was grateful for their assistance in letting her know that it’s acceptable to take time off from her children and job for herself.

She asked readers to share their self-care routines and the difficulties they had finding a balance between motherhood and self-care as she closed her post.

Williams’s journey and honest updates never cease to captivate and motivate her followers, igniting discussions about health, fitness, and body positivity. Her open style brings to light the reality of weight reduction following childbirth and the perseverance needed to reach individual objectives.

Williams continues to proudly and confidently show off her sense of style, despite her difficulties losing weight after becoming a mother for the second time. The iconic sports diva was a force to be reckoned with at Paris Fashion Week in 2024.

Williams looked amazing during Paris Fashion Week in a dress that was only slightly see-through. The tennis legend made a daring and fashionable statement as she left the Le Voltaire restaurant by baring her bare undergarments.

Williams enjoyed the company of British socialite Emma Weymouth, the Marchioness of Bath, and former chief editor of British Vogue Edward Enninful that evening.

Following Williams’ stunning sport-inspired gown at the weekend’s star-studded Vogue World Paris fashion show, the trio went out for a night on the town.

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