Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama’s mother, passed away on May 31. Her age was eighty-six.

Following Barack Obama’s victory in the 2008 presidential contest, Robinson gained notoriety as the country’s first grandmother. She helped take care of her granddaughters Sasha and Malia while residing at the White House with her daughter and son-in-law. Although Robinson kept a low profile, he would occasionally appear at White House performances, special abroad visits, and Christmas gatherings.

Marian Robinson, my mother, was my pillar of support and was there for me no matter what. We are devastated to inform you of her passing today; she was a steadfast support system for our entire family. Michelle wrote in the Instagram post’s caption, “We wanted to offer some reflections on her remarkable life.”

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Her mother “had a way of summing up the truths of about life in a word or two, maybe a quick phrase that made everyone around her stop and think,” she said in the supplementary statement. “Her wisdom was almost innate, like something she was born with, but in reality, it was hard-earned,” the speaker went on.

“Oh my goodness, the FIRST GRANDMOTHER OF THE UNITED STATES,” commented @joelle_prettygirl. She truly reared the girls during Obama’s administration. Warm regards to the family!

“At least she lived to witness her daughter go into the White House and become the First Lady. “May her soul find peace,” tweeted @mizz__empresskabeh.
“Her mom got to see her as the First Lady of these US, her son-in-law as the first black president, and her grandchildren living in the White House,” co-signed @prettymethat. I am aware that she is in her grave and that her life was fulfilled.

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“I’m very happy that she was able to spend this significant life change with her child. “May her soul rest in peace,” wrote @janita_sadeee.

“It doesn’t matter what age you lose your mother—you feel like a child again,” said @Kimmy. Michele Obama’s mother, RIP.
Peace be with you, Miss Marian.

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