Faith Evans had just returned from a birthday celebration in Turks & Caicos. The leading lady of R&B made a big impact with her child, her old Bad Boy pals, and more.

Stevie J, the disgruntled spouse, was not present. The couple appears to be proceeding with their divorce at full speed, with Faith keen to get the matter resolved as quickly as possible. At last, Stevie is assisting her in advancing the process by providing important documents that will enable them to separate.

It has been confirmed by legitimate documents obtained by Shock Wave that Stevie has signed a declaration of revelation for the divorce.


acknowledges that “one side has given all of their economic information to the other” and is a crucial component of the separation operations. This typically indicates that the couple is getting closer to their settlement.

The relationship between the two had become repulsive. Faith most recently accused him of driving away with her car to Coachella by stealing it.

Faith insisted that her car be given back, revealed that she paid cash for it, and said that Stevie was not listed on her insurance. But, Stevie had just attended her son’s birthday party, so it’s possible that they were making an effort to make things right.

The pair appeared doomed from the start. The “friends turned lovers” and how rapidly they went from dating to marriage startled a lot of watchers.

Following reports that the autistic teen had abused her infant daughter Bonnie Bella, Joseline Hernandez did not think well of the couple and referred to Faith’s son as a “monster.”

Following an altercation and declarations of hate between the partners in videos that Stevie leaked, Faith was arrested on suspicion of relationship violence.

Evans appeared to have had enough, even if he later expressed sorrow and made an attempt to win his wife back. Evans appears poised to begin her new life, having recently turned 50.

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