The speaker’s 1986 movie part is mentioned at the beginning of the segment, along with a brief mention of a current scandal involving Oprah Winfrey and Denzel Washington.

Denzel Washington and Oprah Winfrey: Among other things, Denzel Washington draws attention to allegations that Oprah Winfrey is a part of an international criminal organisation. Oprah, however, asserts that they are merely hearsay and that they never occur.
Mel Gibson and Christopher Walken: The text discusses Mel Gibson’s career in Hollywood as well as Walken’s scary roles. Additionally, a conversation between Walken and Mel Gibson is discussed, during which Gibson revealed some unsettling information regarding the film industry.

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Hollywood Controversies: A number of controversies involving allegations of sexual misconduct, racism, discrimination, and unjust treatment of individuals at award ceremonies like the Oscars are revealed. The book also discusses Hattie McDaniel’s historic victory and Kevin Hart’s choice to step down as Oscars host.

Industry Dynamics: This chapter examines the ways in which influence and power operate in Hollywood, arguing that a few wealthy individuals control the industry and exploit artists for their own financial gain. People discuss private contracts, compromising your moral character to get an award, and issues black actors encounter in the industry.

Dave Chappelle: The media’s reluctance to address structural issues is discussed, as well as the racism and bigotry that Chappelle has experienced in Hollywood. The text indicates that casting decisions are occasionally influenced by race when it discusses Fox executives’ desire to convert a prominent role from black to white.


Washington’s Point of View: This section centres on Washington’s opinions regarding racism, education, and cultural issues. In order to ensure that there are no further troubles in the entertainment industry, he wants children to learn how to properly discuss delicate topics like racism.

Ultimately, the article leaves you wondering why Oprah is attacking Denzel Washington and claims that the true situation would only become apparent over time.

In general, the text discusses a wide range of Hollywood-related subjects, including commercial procedures, personal narratives, scandals, and societal issues like racism and prejudice.

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