Terry Crews and Terrence Howard have become well-known speakers advocating for fair compensation and equal treatment in the industry as a result of their vocal protests against the unjust practices in Hollywood.

Known for his honesty, Crews discusses the significance of embracing your journey even if you don’t receive equal compensation. He accomplishes this by discussing his own unpaid role in “Training Day,” which was nevertheless a pivotal moment in his professional life.
He emphasises the value of taking advantage of chances, even if they don’t pay much, since they will position you for success in the future.

Terrence Howard has also discussed his issues with unjust compensation, particularly in episodes of “Hustle and Flow” and “Empire.”
Prominent individuals such as 50 Cent have endorsed his cause and advocated for equitable compensation in the film industry.

A few other black vocalists, such as Taraji P.

Taraji P. Henson and Fanstasia Barrino have also discussed how difficult it is to be underappreciated and underpaid in the industry. They have accomplished a lot, but they are still struggling for respect and equitable pay.

Cat Williams joins the group and speaks out against the exploitation and abuse of power in Hollywood without fear. He wants industry executives to accept accountability.


about the hard reality of the company doesn’t bother him since he believes that individuals who make wrong decisions will eventually have to pay for it.

All together, Crews, Howard, Williams, and their colleagues are dedicated to bringing attention to structural inequalities and pushing for a more equitable and diverse Hollywood where all individuals receive the recognition and compensation they deserve, regardless of their gender or colour.

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