Jaguar Wright on the Blidge Mary J. “You’re a HOODRAT who deserves more shame than yourself!” – I can relate to Jaguar’s feelings, yet

More terrible news is emerging from the Soulquarian camp as the sad news of founding member of The Roots Malik B’s passing continues to circulate. Philadelphia native Jaguar Wright levels harsh criticism at The Roots for their handling of Malik B’s terminal cancer diagnosis as well as Wright’s personal assertion that the late actress, rapper, and fellow Soulquarian Common is her father.
Singer-artist Jaguar Wright Mary J. Blige is a covert lesbian, according to her: “And if I’m lying, sue me!”

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Philadelphia vocalist Jaguar Wright made headlines last month when she claimed that Common had sexually attacked her while she was trying to fall asleep and that Black Thought employed ghostwriters.

Ever since, she has continued to make startling allegations regarding well-known vocalists and those in the music industry, particularly those in the Neo-Soul genre. She said, for instance, that she could tell Summer Walker had experienced past sexual abuse. It is now her desire to meet Mary J. Blige.

On September 23, Jaguar launched an offensive on Instagram against the Grammy-winning musician, branding her an out lesbian and dubbing her a “fraud” for having staged her marriage to Kendu Isaacs.

“Free expression is the foundation of this nation! Share your thoughts with me!Please be aware that the video my friend posted shows @therealmaryjblige eating her out is authentic. In response to a remark on Instagram, she wrote.


bastard is a complete liar! She was forced into marriage to @kendu_isaacs! Is it possible that the girlfriend of @therealmaryjblige preferred her spouse more? How absurd! I informed everyone. Everybody is covered in tapes!

Wright shared a photo of her reaction with the phrase, “Like I Said… I Have Tapes on Er’body,” on her page. Before turning back to Christ, I dealt crap for a long time, but as they say, “revenge is a dish best served cold” and “leverage is leverage!”

Although Jaguar had asked Mary J to a Verzuz battle hours earlier, it’s unclear what exactly infuriated Mary J.

“I’m revealing that #MARYJBLIGE and I will be participating in a versus challenge. You’ll fall asleep to my songs! “On my dead son I’ll sing that a** into a long nap!” was the post’s statement.

Jaguar Wright’s tirade against the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul didn’t end there.

Additionally, she challenged MJB to another Verzuz fight on Instagram Live. Subsequently, she questioned her ability and once more accused her of keeping her sex life hidden.

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