Aya Osman, an 18-year-old African-American high school student from Orange Park, Florida, has completed her high school education despite having battled cancer for the previous two years. A complete award will also allow her to attend NYU at no cost.

Since she was twelve years old, Osman had desired to become a neurologist. It was almost put on hold once she was informed that she had cancer. However, she chose to focus on the here and now and go cautiously rather than obsessing over the future.
She had to undergo three-day hospital stays and six months of chemotherapy every three weeks to get rid of the growth in her arm. She nevertheless refused to let cancer rule her life. Rather, she occupied herself with coursework and other activities.

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Osman told Clay Today, “Whether it was playing the piano or doing schoolwork, it helped me get my mind off of things.” It lessens the negative consequences of a discovery this excellent. It helps you think of something else and improves your mood.
In order for her to stay up to date on her schooling while receiving care, her mother took a laptop to the hospital. She diligently adhered to her International Baccalaureate regimen, and medical professionals monitored her progress.

Aya claimed, “I completed everything on my laptop.” Just so you know, the nurses would monitor my temperature, heart rate, and other vital signs while I was in the hospital bed. Being able to focus on anything else was incredibly helpful when I was rushing to finish an IB history or English essay or became sidetracked by studies.


received an amazing 4.77 GPA upon graduating from Ridgeview High School in Summa Cum Laude, demonstrating the fruit of her labour and dedication.

She also received financial support from the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation, an organisation that provides emotional and material support to children with cancer, to attend New York University.

Aya’s cancer has been in remission for the past two years. She intends to attend New York University to study biology with the money.

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