Over the weekend, the pair reconciled and demonstrated their love for one another when Ashanti gave Nelly a 1962 Chevy Impala, his boyhood dream automobile, as a surprise for his 49th birthday. Her family and friends attended the surprise birthday party Ashanti organised for her.

In the comments, a fan who approved of the pair advised Nelly to “get her pregnant @nelly [laughing emoji] TONIGHT.” Nelly chuckled as she welcomed the concept and declared, “I’m on it.”

Nash has two adoptive children and two biological children from a previous relationship. In contrast, Ashanti is childless as of yet. She said in an Instagram Live video that she is considering becoming a mother in the upcoming year, but she emphasised how crucial it is to find the proper partner and timing for such a significant decision.


stated that she wants to start a family but hasn’t yet found the proper partner on her Instagram Live. Though Ashanti made it apparent that having children is a decision that needs to be carefully considered and timed exactly right, fans had brought up Nick Cannon as a potential match.

Nelly may have been talking to Ashanti when they previously conversed on social media. Ashanti stated that she was prepared to start a family but was waiting for her “homie” to make the correct decision. Regarding her intentions for the upcoming year, the singer declared once more, “I want to have kids next year!” I hope my friend makes the proper decision! “I’m falling for you,”

of Nelly and Ashanti are eager for their love story to continue and for the couple to perhaps begin a family soon, even though they are still figuring out how to be together.

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