Faith Evans was hosting a birthday celebration in Turks and Caicos. She accomplished something significant with her children, her old Bad Boy friends, and other people.

The dissatisfied spouse, Stevie J., was not present. The couple’s divorce appears to be proceeding swiftly, and Faith is eager to get everything settled. Finally, Stevie is assisting her in moving the process along by providing her with crucial documents that would enable them to part ways.
The divorce papers for the shock wave eventually showed that Stevie had signed a statement of revelation.

It is agreed that “one side has given all of their economic information to the other” for this phase of the separation process. This typically indicates that the pair is preparing to settle down.

Between them, things were becoming pretty disgusting. The last thing Faith mentioned was that he had taken her car so he could go to Coachella.
Faith requested her car back, stating that she didn’t have Stevie on her insurance and that she paid cash for it. However, Stevie had recently attended her son’s birthday celebration, so it’s possible that they were attempting to put things right.

The couple seemed doomed from the beginning. The speed at which the “friends turned lovers” progressed from courting to marriage astounded a lot of people.

After hearing that Faith’s son, an autistic teen, had injured her infant daughter Bonnie Bella, Joseline Hernandez took a dislike to the two of them and referred to Faith’s son as a “monster.”
Following that, Stevie released videos showing the two arguing and declaring their hatred for one another, leading to Faith’s arrest on a charge of partner violence.

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