Marlon Wayans acknowledges that he is the father of a girl who is seeking $22,000 a month in child support from her.

Wayans made headlines last week after Brittany Moreland filed a paternity suit against him.

Wayans claimed in an interview with The Shade Room that Moreland was “entitled” to it. He claimed that Moreland is aware of the child and is prepared to provide him $18,000 per month in exchange for the one-year-old daughter.

“This is the usual scenario: a pampered woman wants more and a good, loving, responsible father pays over $18,000 a month for a one-year-old child.” My parents and mum would have lost their minds for two grand.

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Wayans, a 51-year-old, criticised women who sue males even though they are content that they assist with their children.
“These women are forced to bring absentee fathers to court who have no regard for their children.” And this woman claims it’s not enough, despite being paid like a doctor? I already have two children. “I have a good heart and a strong sense of duty, but I won’t let myself be used and slandered,” is something I have never experienced before.

The father of three then uttered, “All love, all GOD.” Nobody should be aware of the infant. The mother has been relocated. I decided not to disclose the baby’s sexual history. It’s not relevant to anyone. I would wish to keep the peace on social media for her own protection.


claimed he never made an attempt to have the $18,000 monthly child support payment reduced.

“It just goes to show that good deeds are punished, but maybe I could and should,” he remarked.

Moreland requested that Wayans be granted “visitation” rights.

Do you pay all that money every month only to be referred to be a visitor, he questioned?

He said, “Do the maths.” This is absurd discourse. The attorneys and God are free to do what they like. I’ll be using my damaged heart to create art. All I received was love. Even when things go wrong, it’s still good.

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