When Tia Mowry filed for divorce from celebrity Cory Hardrict a year ago, it startled her admirers. After 14 years of marriage, they had two kids together.

After a year of using dating apps and reading through all of her direct messages, Media Take Out has discovered that Tia is finally prepared to try to get back together with her husband.
When it comes to new relationships, Tia Mowry and her ex-boyfriend Cory Hardrict are quite rigid. She is aware

Tia celebrated Thanksgiving with her former spouse, Cory, and their two children. Along with the photo, Tia assured her fans that everything would be alright. Many have dubbed the photo, which features Tia with her hand on her husband’s knee or thigh, “a romantic picture.”

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But if Tia wants to get back together with Cory, she’s going to need to take a really harmonious action.
According to Tia Mowry, she is no longer seeing Cory Hardrict.

One of Cory’s pals told Media Take Out that Tia’s spouse was “devastated” to learn that Tia was divorcing him. The same person informed us that Tia would need to “earn Cory’s trust again” if she ever wanted to reconcile with him because her actions “broke his trust.”

We sincerely hope Tia has returned to her spouse and is no longer adjusting to being single. Together, we cherished them greatly.

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