Felix, a handyman and single father, witnesses his elderly neighbour Mrs. McAllister attempting to control her overgrown grass. She doesn’t want to help him, but he does, and he’s startled when she gives him a weird metal box as a gift. However, things take a turn for the worst when Mrs. McAllister’s attorney immediately requests a meeting. Felix discovers later that the box is insanely valuable—worth $250,000! He is considering selling it since he is having problems affording Suzie, his daughter. Things get more complex when Mrs. McAllister’s attorney calls to report that Felix stole a valuable family relic.

Felix is not going to back down and intends to put the box up for auction. However, because he lacks the necessary documentation, things get complex at the sale house. This sets off a chase that reminds him of football in high school. Felix is conflicted about breaking into Mrs. McAllister’s home in order to obtain the necessary papers. The son of Mrs. McAllister, Henry McAllister, catches him and threatens to contact the police if the box isn’t returned by the next morning. Felix tells Suzie to sell the box for at least $100,000 knowing that he has no alternative but to send her away with it. Felix sacrifices himself to keep Suzie safe as police surround his home. Felix must wait in jail for four months before his hearing notwithstanding Felix’s filing of charges and legal issues. Unexpectedly, Suzie posts his bond. When she opened the package, she discovered a message from Mrs. McAllister explaining its significance. Suzie sells the box to an antiques merchant in order to raise the funds necessary to save her father. She still has a hundred thousand dollars. Felix is set free, and although there were issues along the way, Suzie’s ingenuity and Mrs. McAllister’s peculiar talent ultimately came to the rescue, bringing the unexpected adventure to a bittersweet close.

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