This Canada The formal name for this species of lynx is Lynx canadensis, and it is found throughout sections of North America, including both the United States and Canada.

Although black fur has been observed on certain animals, light brownish-gray fur is the typical coat colour of Canada lynxes.

Prior to 2022, no images of these black lynxes existed; nevertheless, a fortuitous bystander captured several images that swiftly gained popularity.

This unique cat was seen by a scientist at the University of Alberta in Canada. Thomas Jung, a Yukon government employee, used his mobile to record a video of the cat.

The discovery was covered in a paper titled “Paint it black: first record of melanism in Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis)” published in the journal Mammalia.


a remote neighbourhood in Whitehorse, Yukon, filming was conducted. The lynx is spotted resting in the movie at a distance of roughly 50 yards. The lynx retreated from the area where people and a dog were present when the dog began to bark.

Canada It is well known that lynx live both alone and in small groups. Specialists with extensive knowledge of the species reported that the unsteady footage lacked many characteristics that would enable them to distinguish it from other recordings of the same species.
“It had a black coat with whitish grey guard hairs all over it, as well as whitish grey hairs on the face, rostrum, and dorsal regions,” Jung described the lynx’s look.


coats of the majority of lynx species are similar in colour. For instance, the coat of a Canada lynx often turns dark brown in the summer and returns to a silvery grey in the winter.

The lynx in the film is believed to be extremely unusual because of its variety of coat colours. According to Jung, these variations are typically adaptations, which can either be beneficial (maladaptive) or detrimental (adaptive) for growth.

Melanism is what gives black coats their colour, but experts are still unsure of the benefits or drawbacks. However, Jung believes that this characteristic is undesirable because the lynx’s darker hair may help it stand out more in the

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