The majority of people are familiar with “Hakeem,” “Andre,” and “Jamal Lyon,” which are the children of Terrence Howard’s former children from Empire; nevertheless, very few of us are aware of his first children.

Despite the fact that he has a total of five of them, the focus of this essay will be on his two adult daughters because they have the appearance of being a perfect reflection of their exceptional fathers…a great deal more attractive.

Another thing that we want to do is show a more gentle side of the brotha, who is known for being the antagonist of the music mogul television show. As a result of Terrence’s exceptional performance as his Empire role, for a period of time, it appeared as though he was actually portraying the character.

the other hand, he is a father to his children, and it is highly unlikely that he would ever be as vengeful towards them when they do not adhere to his values. This is in contrast to his portrayal as the love-hate character ‘Lucious Lyon’ on the hit series that has since been cancelled. Now, without further ado, ILOSM family, I’d like to introduce you to T. Howard’s stunning mini-me’s below…

Terence has a daughter named Aubrey, who is 28 years old and is his oldest daughter. She received her education from Howard University and is now the proud mother of the prettiest little girl of her own.

That’s right, Terrence has officially assumed the role of a loving grandfather. On the occasion of Aubrey’s pregnancy, she tied the knot with Billy Gayle, the father of her daughter, and it is said that her father accompanied her down the aisle during the ceremony.

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