As a result of the wild accusations that were made by a social media user on Thursday, Tiny Harris is claiming that a wild person has claimed that her son is not T.I.’s biological child. As King goes through the growing pains of dealing with celebrity and his aspirations to be normal and relate to the sole things, his parents are standing ten feet behind him. King’s behaviour has gone viral due to his naughty ways, but his parents are standing ten feet behind him to support him.

In light of the fact that this family has previously aired a reality programme that highlights his siblings and their opulent lifestyle, the young rapper has asserted that he was not brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth, contrary to what some people would believe.

His father taunted him gently about the fact that he chose to be with his grandmother since he was a pet rather than doing what the other children were doing. There has also been a lot of back and forth between him and T.I. because they have expressed their refusal to provide him with an upbringing.

An online user began a wild rumour in the middle of the dispute, in which many people believed that King was stating that his parents failed to take care of him. The rumour asserted that King did not look like his father, T.I., since he was not his biological son. This rumour seemed to imply that Tiny might have cheated on her hubby.

The following is an excerpt from a post that was published on Instagram: “I just got word from a reliable source, #King was said his biological father is #Bimmy, and that is why he said #TIPS history is a mystery…and that It’s all cap.” Please contact #Maury and #LaurenLondon someone. This is what we want to hear from Clifford Harris: “You Are Not the Father.”

According to a different individual, the “current drama” between T.I. and King happened as a consequence of the youngster discovering the identity of his “real biological father.” Furthermore, he said that the individual who is being referred to as King’s purported father is related to the father of Waka Flocka Flame.

In spite of this, Tiny expressed her disapproval of the idea that someone would fabricate falsehoods about the father of her son.

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