Many have already formed opinions regarding Jacklyn “Jacky Oh” Smith’s death months after it occurred based on the autopsy report.
In its report, the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner stated that the celebrity passed away due to complications following plastic surgery. Smith traveled to Miami in May with her aunt to undergo surgery performed by Dr. Zachary Okhah. In an Instagram post, Smith announced to her friends that she was getting a “mommy makeover.” Since then, the post has been removed. According to the report of the medical examiner, she underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift, which entailed transferring fat from her stomach to her butt. After surgery, Smith was administered the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin, the analgesic Oxycodone, and the anti-nausea medication Ondansetron, according to sources who spoke with TMZ.

She soon complained of a headache during her post-surgery visit, and the surgeon’s office advised her to stop taking Ondansetron. She received a massage as well during that meeting. After that, Smith reported that her head was “burning” and that she was having difficulty speaking on May 31. Her aunt made a 911 call. Smith was already critically injured and had been pronounced dead at a local hospital when they arrived.

Smith’s body was heavily bleeding, and her brain was swollen as well. Nobody is aware of what could have gone wrong with Smith following the procedure. It was deemed an accident how the person passed away.

Dr. Okhah remained silent regarding Smith’s passing, but in response to criticism on social media, he posted a video statement. Everyone could feel comfortable in his building, he insisted.

DC Youngfly and Smith have three kids together. He hasn’t said anything about what the autopsy report says yet.

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