Unexpectedly, a man who the Las Vegas police believe to be Tupac Shakur’s killer has been taken into custody.
Friday morning, Duane “Keefe D” Davis was taken into custody. Many have believed for years that he was involved in Shakur’s demise. As Davis has already stated, he was in the car with the gunman on September 13, 1996, the day that Shakur was shot. However, he has never revealed the identity of the shooter. The deadly drive-by shooting on the Las Vegas Strip has infuriated police, Shakur’s family, and supporters for years.
Many theories have been proposed regarding the murder. Though there wasn’t enough evidence in the previous years, the stories concerning Davis were the only ones that persisted. Police searched Davis’s Las Vegas home in July. However, they haven’t said what led them to that location or what they discovered when searching for information that resulted in his capture. In his 2019 book “Compton Street Legend,” Davis discussed Shakur’s final hours.

Next, Tupac made an odd motion by reaching under his seat. I had never understood the meaning of the police order to “keep your hands where I can see them” until that moment in my life. Rather, Pac pulled out a strap, causing the fireworks to go off. According to what he wrote, “one of the guys in the back seat grabbed the Glock and began to bust back.”

Shortly before Davis was assassinated, Shakur and his group engaged in combat with Orlando Anderson, the latter’s nephew. In 1998, there was a death.

Although Davis’s specific charges are still unknown at this time, social media and online investigators worldwide will undoubtedly take notice of this fresh information.

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