New Jersey native Semie Atadja is from. People refer to her as a gold digger because she is seeing a man who is 36 years her senior. Claudio Spilatro is 60 years older than her, but she is delighted to be a sugar baby and claims that it doesn’t affect her. On Seeking Arrangements, a website for accomplished people looking for unusual relationships, their relationship developed.

She doesn’t mind when people call her offensive nicknames like “gold digger” or claim that she only wants her boyfriend for financial gain.
In a recent episode of the YouTube show “Love Don’t Judge,” Semie Atadja declared, “We use each other,” and she meant it. She claimed that while she enjoys the advantages of his money, her wealthy spouse enjoys how young and active she is.

The creator of TikTok then displayed her opulent closet, which was stuffed with Chanel handbags, Gucci sunglasses, Birkin bags, and Cartier trinkets.

We are all obviously looking for money. The 24-year-old stated, “No one is digging for rocks out there.”
Additionally, she added, “If I’m going to dig for something, it won’t be dirt; it’ll be gold.”

Spilatro spoke on the matter and mentioned how much he liked taking Semie Atadja shopping at upscale stores.

In addition, he discussed their travels together and noted that Semie was younger than his kids. They met when she was just 18 years old, he claimed on Seeking Arrangements. His children, who are over ten years Semie’s senior, were shocked by this.

The silver fox claimed to have two children that were 33 and 34 years old in the song “Love Don’t Judge.” Although Spilatrio’s girls were initially apprehensive about meeting his new girlfriend, they have learned to accept her and the odd relationship.

In a lovely tone, she says she enjoys spending time with their children and refers to them as “my grandkids.”

Their six-year partnership has endured criticism and been filled with happiness. Unexpectedly, they both consider getting married.

People who assess partnerships with an age difference will always exist, according to Semie Atadja. But instead of making excuses for who you are, prove their errors.

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