Rekindling their romance, Maya Jama and grime sensation Stormzy ignited the rumor mill with their first public appearance together in four years. The charming couple proved that love has blossomed between them once more as they were photographed strolling hand in hand on Hydra Island in Greece.

The couple’s appearance in Greece on Sunday was their first official outing together since the reports of their revived romance started spreading more than a week ago, reigniting the love tale that enthralled fans and fascinated tabloids alike.

Charming Love Island presenter Maya Jama made a statement in her attire as she walked next to the rapper, Michael Omari Owuo Jr., a Croydon native. With her eye-catching black bikini top and flowing white skirt, 29-year-old Jama exuded flair and self-assurance. She added a wide-brimmed hat to finish the ensemble, giving off a carefree vacation vibe as the pair headed to a nearby jetty.

The 30-year-old musical star Stormzy looked effortlessly cool in a white vest and matching shorts, which were ideal for the warm weather of the picturesque Greek island. The couple’s grins and body language conveyed a sense of total comfort in each other’s company, highlighting their renewed affection.

The globe over, fans and others interested in celebrities have been waiting impatiently for this confirmation of the couple’s relationship status. Since their split four years ago, there has been a lot of conjecture, with sporadic glimpses and clues indicating that there might be sparks between the two. Any questions are now answered thanks to their romantic holiday to Hydra Island.

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The world was left with the heartwarming and optimistic image of two people who, despite their busy lives and well-known careers, had managed to find their way back to each other on the sun-kissed shores of Greece when Maya Jama and Stormzy boarded a tiny boat at the pier. Even if their reunion’s specifics are yet unknown, their followers can’t help but be intrigued by what this alluring duo has ahead of them.

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