Family parenting styles vary. Fathers might be stricter than moms or more lenient with their children’s behavior. However, matriarchs in most cultures are more loving, supportive, and empathic than patriarchs.

Grammy-winning artist Keith Urban is recognized for loving and caring for his two daughters from birth.
Urban had a hard childhood because his father never showed him love. The musician got over it and decided to become the kind of dad he had always wanted.

He’s lucky to share his kids with a spouse. Urban married Academy Award-winning Nicole Kidman.

At G’Day LA, an event celebrating Australians in Los Angeles, the two met. Years after Kidman divorced Tom Cruise, they began dating. Kidman and Urban married in Sydney, their hometown. New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles are their homes.
Since then, the couple has focused on raising their daughters, Sunday Rose (2008) and Faith Margaret (2010).
It’s undeniable that childhood and adolescence shape one’s conscience and life values. Urban credits these trials with shaping him into a great parent. Read on to learn how the singer’s parenting style developed.

Keith Lionel Urban is a world-renowned country music artist. Bob and Marienne Urban are his parents. His family moved to Queensland, Australia, when Urban was two. His passion in music began in Queensland and grew over time.

At six years old, his parents taught him to play the guitar and ukulele. His father, a convenience store owner, placed an ad asking the community for a guitar teacher for his son.

Urban entered local singing contests and joined his community’s theater group after learning the instrument.

Urban broke into Australian music. He released an album under his own name in 1990 and started backing up Slim Dusty. He eventually performed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

His love of country music comes from his parents, who encouraged and supported him in his musical pursuits from a young age. Urban then formed the Australian-American quartet The Ranch, but they broke up after one album. Urban has more solo success.

In 1999, he released his self-titled American album. Urban’s first Billboard Country No. 1 came from the platinum album. He started acting later.

Even though his parents, especially his father, were crucial to his music success, things at home were not what they seemed. His father was especially influential. Urban revealed a previously unknown facet of his father-son relationship that he claims contributed to his downward spiral in an interview.

The singer of “Don’t Let Me Down” told Rolling Stone about growing up in an exclusive environment.

I think he disciplined by hitting. Ten years ago, I would have answered, “He never did anything to me that I didn’t deserve.” “Now I realize it’s not about whether I deserve it,” he said.

He never told me he loved me as a child. He would only add, “When you talk onstage, you’ve got to slow down,” after a great show. That was his only opinion. As dad aged, he seemed to forget about punishing me. He wasn’t in denial; he just didn’t remember. Hit you? I never did that! Urban growth.

Urban may have chosen country music to sing about his family problems, which contributed to his drug addiction. His early involvement by his wife, Kidman, helped him overcome his own struggles.
Urban can now take pride in his two lovely daughters. On ABC’s “Country Music’s Biggest Stars: In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts,” Urban gushed about fatherhood and his kids. Urban said:

The feeling is indescribable. I love daughters. I have one brother and no sisters. The learning curve has been steep, but positive.”

Urban loves his two daughters, Sunday and Faith, and being a parent certainly brings him joy. It’s clear at two and a half. Thus, their growth will be fascinating.Urban mentioned the two in an ABC interview.

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