A Detroit grandmother said she is raising her 12 children after her daughter died from “complications” after childbirth.

After her daughter, Nikita Washington, died in December, grandmother-of-12 Patricia Pouncey told CNN that she has a death certificate and “a lot of questions.”

After being admitted to Harper University Hospital in Detroit for her 12th caesarean section, Pouncey revealed that her 35-year-old daughter had died.

One day later, Pouncey learned that her daughter had died, but her son, Nathaniel, had lived.

The grandmother, who is raising Nathaniel and Nikita’s 11 other children, is stepping up after disclosing that her sadness over her daughter’s death has been heightened by her bewilderment regarding the cause.

“I ask myself all the time, ‘What went wrong?’” Pouncey said CNN.

Nikita went to the hospital alone because Pouncey was watching the other grandchildren and her husband was in prison.

On December 22, 2022, she had a C-section after telling the family she was being treated for high blood pressure.

Daveia Knox, Nikita’s sister, visited Harper University Hospital to greet her nephew after several hours without hospital updates. She received devastating news “out of the blue”.

Knox told Hometownlife.com: “They had to tube her, put her on a ventilator, and the next thing I know, the doctor said they had to do emergency surgery because she was bleeding from the inside… “Save her, she has 12 kids,” I urged. Save my sister.”

Unfortunately, the next morning, the family learned that Nikita had a loose stitch and severe bleeding, but Nathaniel was fine. Tragically, Nikita died during treatment.

CNN reported that the mom-of-12 died of “postpartum haemorrhage” and “complications after repeated caesarean sections” in a Wayne County Clerk death certificate.

Pouncey now regrets not going to the hospital with her baby and questions whether her physicians did everything they could to rescue her.

CNN said that the devastated grandmother had not heard from them.

“Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the family for the loss of their loved one,” said a Detroit Medical Center official, which CNN claims operates Harper University Hospital. Patient privacy regulations prevent us from discussing therapy details.”

Pouncey is sharing her experience during Black Maternal Health Week (April 11-17), which raises awareness of Black maternal health in the US.

The Biden-Harris Administration prioritises Black maternal health, according to President Biden.

Black, American Indian, and Alaska Native women have 2.5-3 times the maternal death rate of white women, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Pouncey wants all pregnant women’s loved ones to speak up for them.

“I worry about every mother,” she tells CNN. “Never let your child go to the hospital alone like I did. We must focus more.”

Nikita’s sister started a GoFundMe to help raise her nieces and nephews. Over $80,000 has been raised.

Knox says the family will keep together now. “We’ll make it happen,” she said. “We always assisted Kita. Kids realise they’re good. No choice. No way.”

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