Aretha Franklin was unsavoury. The Queen of Soul has a history of insulting other musicians and public personalities. The “RESPECT” vocalist is not well-liked, and it has almost led to fights. Let’s examine Ms. Franklin’s darkest times.

Aretha always spoke her mind. Social media has revived her best interviews after she died. In 2014, the Wall Street Journal interviewed Aretha about current divas. She spoke whatever came to her in the interview. Franklin famously said, “Great gowns, lovely gowns,” when asked about Taylor Swift. Memes still circulate from the answer. Franklin said, “Nicki Minaj, hmm… now I’m going to pass on that one.”

Aretha disliked Patti LaBelle. In the same year she gave us “beautiful outfits,” Aretha attended a Women of Soul White House luncheon. Franklin smiled at the crowd on her way to the stage. She gave Patti LaBelle a stiff look and moved on. Patti clarified on Drink Champions, calling it a misunderstanding.

“She wasn’t feeling great at the White House,” Patti told N.O.R.E. We called after the White House. She phoned me to get her stuff in Walmart.” Patti loves the chain that sells her pastries. We discussed eating and recording after the White House.

In one of her early seasons, shock jock Wendy Williams interviewed Aretha. Franklin mocked Williams by saying she couldn’t pay for supper because she wasn’t making enough money. Franklin said, “you be foolish,” when Williams suggested he was still naïve in love. Not me.”

Early in her career, T-Boz saw Franklin’s bitchiness. Aretha and T-Boz were to share a platform at a music ceremony. Franklin wanted her podium moved for whatever reason.
T-Boz, still a tomboy, dressed sexily for the event. After Aretha, the crowd gasped at her beauty. Aretha continues, “you think she looks good? I looked better.” T-Boz says her mother’s frightened expression amid the crowd reminded her not to strike Aretha.

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