Family says teen was shot in the head after calling the incorrect doorbell to pick up siblings.
After picking up his younger brothers at the wrong house, a teenager was shot in the head, his family reported.

CNN reported that Ralph Yarl, 16, was hospitalised after the horrible incident in Kansas City, Missouri, at 10 PM on Thursday. Authorities said the teen was shot at the incorrect house.

Ralph’s aunt Faith Spoonmore’s GoFundMe page claimed he was shot in the head and again after falling.

His aunt stated the youngster escaped but knocked on three homes before someone helped him.
Officials say Ralph had life-threatening injuries but is stabilised.

In a Sunday news conference, Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said, “The information that we have currently, it does not say that that is racially motivated. The investigation continues. As police chief, I realise this case’s racial aspects.”

Graves added: “We appreciate the frustration this might cause in the overall criminal justice process. The men and women of the Kansas City Police Department are working as swiftly and thoroughly as possible to ensure the criminal justice process continues to proceed as rapidly as everybody involved and our community deserve.”

Ralph’s gunman was arrested on Thursday. He was released pending investigation.

Ralph’s Black family reported the homeowner who shot him was white, according to civil rights lawyer Ben Crump.

“It is unavoidable not to acknowledge the racial dynamics at play,” Ralph’s family’s lawyer told WSVN.
The unidentified shooter was arrested and imprisoned for 24 hours, according to NBC News. The victim’s injuries and amount of shots were also not disclosed.

The shooter was freed pending enquiry.

Crump has represented families in several high-profile cases, particularly those involving Black victims and non-Black perpetrators. Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd’s family.
Ralph’s aunt called her nephew “wonderful” on GoFundMe. At present, she has raised $1,195,030 for Ralph.

Spoonmore wrote: “Life seems a lot different right now. He’s doing well physically, but his mental and emotional health needs work. He endures unimaginable trauma. He’s miraculous.

We’ve heard similar stories before, and most black boys don’t survive. Ralph deserves his fantasy future. He should show the world that love wins and humanity is good. He’ll need lots of aid to get there.”
She added that the funds would cover his medical fees and therapy.

Viola Davis urged prosecutors to “make an immediate arrest and bring the proper charges” on Ralph’s case on Instagram.

“He deserved better,” she wrote. “No way. We seek justice.”

CNN reported protestors seeking Ralph’s justice.

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