Tami Roman provides an update on her plans to give her husband Reggie Youngblood his first child.
Tami Roman’s statements, which many misunderstood as a green light for her husband’s infidelity, set the world on edge. However, she appears to be retracting these statements. The former reality star and actress explains what she meant and provides an update on her relationship with her spouse.

People reports that former Basketball Wives star Tami Roman married Reggie Youngblood in secrecy on August 17, 2018. However, the personality of The Ms. Pat Show was previously married to former New Jersey Nets player Kenny Anderson. From their union, two daughters were born. Lyric, the first daughter of Tami Roman, was born in 1994. Jazz, her second daughter, arrived in 1996. However, her 35-year-old spouse, Reggie Youngblood, is childless.

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Tami Roman, 52, wants to expand her family with her spouse, even though they do not have any children together. In 2021, however, she appeared on The Real to explain that she was willing to enable her husband to have a child with another woman while they took a break. Tami Roman further explained that she was prepared to co-parent with Reggie Youngblood in raising the child. However, she also revealed that her spouse was not interested in that path.

When Tami Roman’s remarks were made public, she received considerable backlash from women on social media who disagreed with her views. Some referred to her as “unintelligent,” while others warned that her decision could backfire. However, it seems that her words were misinterpreted, and Tami Roman would like to clarify.

During a recent interview with Revolt, she explained that the “break” she was referring to consisted of him accompanying her on the road and taking time to locate a suitable surrogate for them. She also described the lengthy procedure of locating a surrogate. Tami Roman further clarified that she did not encourage Reggie Youngblood to spy on her. Here you can read Tami Roman’s interview with Revolt.

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