Late Actor One year after AJ Johnson’s death, his wife believes that many people have already forgotten about him.
Johnson was a revered comedian and actor whose name was synonymous with some of black Hollywood’s most iconic cult films. From Friday to the House Party series, he built a career on screen and stage and became a fixture in our homes. Last year, he passed away under tragic circumstances, leaving his family scrambling to figure out how to live without him. His wife has opened up about him and his legacy a year later.

On September 6th, it will be one year since Anthony AJ Johnson passed away. At the time of his death, he was only 55 years old, and he disappeared under initially enigmatic circumstances. The protagonist of “The Player’s Club” was discovered unresponsive in a Los Angeles store and was subsequently pronounced dead at a hospital. Not until February of this year did TMZ reveal his cause of death to the general public. AJ Johnson battled alcoholism and died as a result of “chronic ethanol use.” At the time of his demise, neither alcohol nor drugs were detected in his system, but he tested positive for Covid-19.

His wife Lexis stated at the time of his passing that his death should serve as a warning to others about the perils of alcohol consumption, and she desired to establish a foundation in his name. His management team also issued a statement reflecting on his career and legacy at the time. “Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson has left us with unforgettable memories of his hilarity, dynamic acting abilities, and, most importantly, his enormous personality and golden heart.” They went on to say, “We will continue to pray for his complete family, including his wife Lexis, three children, brother Edward “Peanut” Smith, sister Sheila, and lifelong manager and friend Mike B.”

Since Aj’s death, Lexis has been extremely occupied preserving his legacy. AJ’s widow constantly posts tributes to her late spouse on Instagram. She has also held tribute performances at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffe for the late actor and comedian.
On his one-year anniversary, Lexis posted a video composite of AJ’s life throughout the years on social media. In her emotional eulogy, Lexis acknowledged the number of individuals who have moved on within the first year since his death. “On September 6, 2021, We lost an ICON — Comedian/Actor @therealajjohnson.” It’s incredible how fast people forget. I am certain you are pleased and laughing at us from above. I will always recall the Blessed times, Poppie. “I will always chuckle,” she declared.

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