Taraji P. Henson Called Out Michael Ealy For Excessive Body Odor and Smelling Ripe On ‘Think Like A Man’ Set.

Michael Ealy trended on Twitter yesterday because women love him. His excellent looks have drawn fans to his films. In a recent Kelly Clarkson interview, one woman was not pleased to meet Ealy. Why did Taraji P. Henson think Michael smelled bad on “Think Like a Man 2”? ”

Michael Ealy promoted his Hulu show Reasonable Doubt on Kelly Clarkson. He talked about Henson calling him “ripe” during a romantic scene. “Romance was hard after that! He laughed. Ealy did 250 push-ups for the shirtless scene. He sweated, which set Taraji off

He opened up even more, saying he loved Henson but that becoming a dad had made it tougher for him to train out and prepare for the scenario. “So Taraji—who I love immensely—we’re from the same hometown,” he continues. “One of the coolest and most talented persons you ever meet. I just had a baby and am filming Think Like a Man Too. I didn’t have time to train or prepare for this role.”

Ealy and Henson played Dominic and Lauren in “Think Like a Man” (2012). “The Dreamer” and “The Lady Who is Her Own Man” must go through several trials to determine if love is for them, including the sex scene. The film received a sequel in 2014. The title came from Steve Harvey’s book.

Michael and Kelly discuss Halloween and stealing candy from their kids in the conversation. Ealy remembers getting candy stolen as a kid. They discussed freezing and consuming their favourite candies. Ealy says he enjoys dressing up since people don’t realise it’s him.

Twitter followers are focused on Ealy’s new series Reasonable Doubt and how he’s wooing fans anew. As moist as Michael Ealy can make me, I’ve concluded that he must be hella irritating to be partnered with.

Taraji Henson No Tabs! Photo by: Christopher Voelker_Shooting Star

“He just always has this face like he’s going to turn to you and ask at 3 am what we’re going to do about the situation in Ecuador,” quipped one fan. “Michael Ealy’s wife Must be God’s strongest soldier cuz one thing he’s going to do is be a Primary love interest, and they going to do the do,” stated another.

Taraji P. Henson often criticises her male co-stars. In an earlier interview, the actress said Tyrese was reluctant to strip for a Baby Boy scene.

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