As his nephew died in prison, Tyler Perry supporters sent him words of hope, love, strength, and peace.

According to insiders, the Hollywood magnate doesn’t believe his nephew committed suicide.

After fighting another jail, 26-year-old Louisiana inmate Gavin Porter committed suicide in solitary confinement.

Guards said he was fine at 6pm but committed suicide at 8pm.

Despite official claims of no foul play, his family believes there is more to the story, according to sources.
Tyler Perry‘s nephew died in prison.

Many local news outlets reported that Gavin Porter, 26, committed suicide in his Union Parish Correctional Center cell in Farmerville, Louisiana, on Saturday night.

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Union Parish Sheriff Dusty Gates could not immediately comment.

Gates told The News-Star Porter died Saturday after fighting numerous inmates.

The publication reported he denied foul play.

The News-Star said that the sheriff is investigating Porter’s death and fight.

According to WAFB, Porter was jailed in October 2016 for shooting his father, Gary Wayne Porter, during a fight.

“Holding on wounded me more than him,” Tyler added.

The Diary of a Crazy Black Woman creator supports Emmitt financially and has forgiven him, but they have no other contact.

“A lot of prayer,” Perry remarked. “The main thing that helped me comprehend it is that me hanging onto what I was holding onto wasn’t hurting him… but it was killing me.”

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Perry felt lighter after forgiving his dad. “The change and forgiveness in me left me raw because it was a weight inside,” he stated. “Letting go made me feel lighter.”

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