Denzel Washington Has Decided Against Participating in Disney’s “Woke Cinematic Universe.”
Denzel Washington recently revealed that he passed up a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that would have earned him over $30 million because he did not want to be a part of what he perceived to be a “woke” storyline. The role would have been in the film “Black Panther,” which is set in the United States.

According to Washington, he was offered the role of a significant character who would have been shown to be secretly gay; however, he turned down the position since he was not interested in the notion.

Although Washington did not disclose which role he was being considered for, Marvel insiders have speculated that it may be either Thanos or Groot, despite the fact that the studio has indicated that neither of those characters is the one in question.

Because Marvel has published so many different superheroes over the years, it is impossible to say which one of them could have been the one in question.

There has even been talk amongst some of the audience regarding the two characters, Agent Carter and Black Widow, perhaps being in a love connection.

Washington has made it quite apparent that he has no interest in taking part in narratives that he perceives to be “woke.”

He is of the opinion that his skills would be better utilised in movies that have a greater chance of winning Oscars, such as the one in which he starred, “Remember the Titans,” which received widespread praise.

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