Fans call Monaco Mai a “perfect blend” of Jeezy and Jeanne Mai.
Monaco Mai Jenkins is the perfect mix of parents. Fans see Jeannie Mai and Jeezy in their daughter.
After Jeannie Mai brought her daughter on YouTube Live for the first time last week, fans took to Instagram. During her video part with Monaco, Jeannie called Monaco a “Asian Jeezy.” Fans agreed.

One social media fan screamed, “She looks just like Jeezy,” after seeing a screenshot from the video session. “She’s certainly your twin but definitely still looks like her daddy,” another fan said. “That’s crazy,” the supporter said.
Monaco was born early this year. Her mom’s successful YouTube channel, Hello Hunnay, and her own Instagram page introduced the baby a few weeks ago.

“[This] might be the most exciting episode I’ve had here on Hello Hunnay,” Jeannie Mai said at the start of her highly anticipated episode featuring her daughter. “I was incredibly terrified, cautious, and protective,” the TV personality said. “Excuse the nerves,” she asked her fans.

Jeannie Mai previously stated that her upbringing prevented her from having children. After meeting Jeezy, the talk show host married him. Jeannie Mai told PEOPLE about her anxiety-filled postpartum depression.

“Here I am going through postpartum with anxieties, heart palpitations, and an inability to sleep, and I was like, ‘I’m not sad; I’m actually super pleased and joyful, but I’m scared and incredibly uncomfortable and fidgety,’ and I didn’t know what it was,” Jeannie told the press. “I wasn’t gloomy, I wasn’t sleeping all day, I wasn’t depressed about my life, I wasn’t having suicide thoughts,” the TV star said. “I was always uneasy, uncomfortable, and worried.”

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