Jonathan Majors, a rising star, lost multiple brand partnerships.
Jonathan Majors’ 2023. After new charges, he may lose his role as the next Marvel Cinematic Universe big bad and his Creed III matchup with Michael B. Jordan. Is Majors being set up for failure, or are his claims only the beginning? Let’s examine his career and where he might go after this week’s headlines.

Hollywood’s Jonathan Majors. The 33-year-powerful old’s performances, compelling charisma, and excellent looks have wowed audiences for years. The Santa Barbara native earned a BFA from UNC before attending Yale. From a troubled youth, Majors said acting saved him. His motivation for theater was Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight.

The ABC miniseries When We Rise was Majors’ breakout role. He appeared in Hostiles that year. As Majors became a rising actor, these were followed by others. The Last Black Man in San Francisco broke him in 2019. He starred in Lovecraft Country and Da 5 Bloods with Chadwick Boseman the following year. That role helped him get cast as Kang the Conqueror, a time-traveling villain who will feature in Marvel properties until at least 2027.
Majors has been online recently. Jonathan has shown a “softer” side in advertising photos. Posing in high heel boots, pink fur jackets, and cheek-to-cheek with Michael B. Jordan are examples. Majors has scoffed at his detractors and clapped back, saying there is no one way to be a guy or show masculinity.

When his girlfriend accused him of assault, Major’s personal life has taken center stage this week. Major’s team said he was innocent with proof. They say they have footage and the woman’s retracted testimony. Online supporters believe Majors’ crew is forcing the woman to recant to protect him.

Majors is already suffering. His U.S. Army ad was dropped days after the news broke. The U.S. “Army is aware of Jonathan Majors’ arrest and profoundly disturbed by the allegations,” they said. His MCU future is unknown.