1990s actress, singer, and model Maia Campbell was promise. Campbell, one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous actresses, had a rough existence after Hollywood. Her downfall is heartbreaking. After her last spiral, fans have been wondering where she is and what happened. Ask Maia Campbell.

Takoma Park, Maryland native Maia Campbell. Her parents were novelists, Bebe Moore Campbell and Tiko Campbell. Bebe was very well-liked. They reared Maia in Ladera Heights, LA. Poetic Justice, starring Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur, and Regina King, was Maia’s breakthrough. Shante was Lucky’s cousin.

She appeared on Thea and South Central that year. In the House, her most popular role, followed. She played Tiffany Warren, a teen left with Marion Hill (LL Cool J). Fans saw Maia grow up over five seasons and were enthused about her career afterward. In 1999, Maia appeared in Tyrese Gibson’s “Sweet Lady” and “Lately” music videos as the love interest.

After her mother died in 2006 and her mental health declined, Maia turned to drugs. On Iyanla Fix My Life, Maia described her descent into bipolar disorder. Her viral car cursing video preceded this. Maia lost her daughter, husband, and career before coming to Iyanla. She seemed eager to improve. “My daughter’s custody battle tore me apart,” she told Iyanla.

Iyanla helped Maia because she knew Maia’s mother, Bebe. After their 2012 intervention, Maia disappeared until 2017. In another viral video, Maia begs at a gas station. In Stone Mountain, GA, she wore her bra and underwear.

LL Cool J helped Maia after the video went viral. She replied in a video that she didn’t need help. I love you, Todd. “I need a mental health benefit concert,” she told LL. “Don’t call me; I’ll call you,” she said as she left the camera.
Her social media accounts have been idle since 2020, but supporters left her well-wishes last week.

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