Sylvester Stallone Declares That There There Be “No Woke Shit” in His Most Recent Film. Set
Sylvester Stallone made it clearly clear that there will be “no woke stuff” on the set of his upcoming picture by stating that there would be “no awakened crap.”
Several people in the entertainment industry consider Sylvester Stallone to be one of the most influential actors in Hollywood. He has authored the scripts for a great many movies. He is in charge of producing and directing epic tales that focus on American heroes. He exemplifies the best qualities that our great nation has to offer in every way imaginable. In case you were wondering, the actor played the part of Rambo.

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Stallone has made it quite clear that there would be “no no nonsense” on the set of his forthcoming major motion production, the preparations for which have already commenced.
He added, “The wokeness can get lost if I have a bunch of granola parents and their soy boy wives telling me what I can and can’t do on my set with my team.” He was referring to the fact that the granola parents were married to soy boys. “That’s not going to happen.” We don’t need it.”
Stallone is the most recent conservative figure in Hollywood to finally speak out against the establishment, following a growing number of his peers who have done so in recent years. Joe Barron, who works as Sylvester Stallone’s publicist, alleges that the actor already has a list of actors and women that he will not hire. Stallone reportedly has this list in his possession.

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On this list, the number one slot goes to Alyssa Milano, who, along with the rest of the cast of “The Conners,” is an obvious choice. Whoopi Goldberg has been given an asterisk to illustrate how unpopular she is, and if your name is George Takei, you should probably check to see if Star Trek will allow you come back on the program. Whoopi Goldberg has been given an asterisk to show how unpopular she is.
Stallone asserts that he ought to be able to wrap everything up in fewer than thirty days if the wokeness that has been draining him for some time is removed. ‘We did the first Rocky in three weeks with a budget of $900, and I even had to buy the turtles with my own money,’ he observed. ‘We did the first Rocky in three weeks. We were able to put on the first Rocky performance in only three weeks and with a budget of only $900.

It is accurate to say so. He has held on to those turtles till this very day and they are still in his hands. I pray that God showers his favor onto you, Sly, as well as upon the United States of America.

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