Rapper Da Brat’s Pregnancy With Jesseca Harris-Dupart
Da Brat and her wife Jesseca Harris-Dupart deserve congratulations. Couple expecting first child. Jesseca’s fourth and Da Brat’s first.
Last February 22, Da Brat married Jesseca Dupart. The couple’s child-rearing efforts are public. They overcame various challenges. They announced their first pregnancy on Instagram on January 31st. “We are extending the family,” Jesseca captioned. The pair had to wait longer than expected.

Rapper Da Brat and Jesseca discussed pregnancy problems on the Tamron Hall program in July 2022. Dupart cried over Da Brat’s kindness. After blood clots, Jesseca was hospitalized. Jesseca miscarried. Da Brat was devastated by the news, saying she had never been more delighted over something she never realized she wanted.

People Magazine revealed the couple’s exclusive look. Da Brat poses with her baby bump next to an ancient school in a black suit and white blouse. Judy embraces her wife, Da Brat, in black.

Da Brat said she gave up on having a child on her own because she didn’t become pregnant earlier in the interview. After meeting her wife, Jesseca, Da Brat was open to marriage, coming out, and having children. Last year, Da Brat announced she will carry their first child. Jesseca has three children, so she wanted Da Brat to experience that too. Da Brat eventually agreed to bear the child.

Fans adored the duo. Rickey Smiley’s video shocked Da Brat. “Brat, You did it! Uncle […] Brat Congratulations. Love you.” The comic told Da Brat to go to work in the end.
Rapper Da Brat isn’t slowed by pregnancy. She has many initiatives. 48-year-old Brat.

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