Simone Biles Is Overjoyed To Have A New Member Of Her Family To Dote On And Love, As She Welcomes Baby Biles
An early Christmas blessing has been bestowed upon the Biles family. Simone Biles and her family are overjoyed to welcome their new daughter, Ronni, who was born recently. After all of these years of honing her roles as a daughter, gymnast, friend, and fiance, Simone now has the opportunity to play the role of an aunt.

The soon-to-be bride, who will be 25 years old, now has additional obligations thanks to the growing list of responsibilities she already has. The gymnastics Greatest of All Time (GOAT) announced the exciting news earlier today by posting it on her Instagram stories and sharing it with her followers. As excited as her older brother Ron is, the new aunt is just as excited.

and sister-in-law Sammi take their first steps as parents. Whether it was becoming engaged, her fiance Owens having a successful NFL season, her closest friend entering the ‘fiance club,’ or brother Ron becoming a father, 2022 has been a fantastic year for Simone. The number of reasons that Simone and her family have to rejoice is constantly growing. Simone Biles posted a video to her Instagram stories to introduce the newest, youngest member of the Biles family to her 6.7 million followers on Instagram. The world-renowned gymnast captioned the adorable photo of her baby niece with the words “my perfect little niece.”

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In addition, Simone sent her best congratulations to Ron and Sammi, who recently became parents. “so happy to spoil and love you,” the doting aunt gushed to baby Ronni Louise Biles as she slept soundly in her cradle. Ronni Louise Biles was an Olympic gymnast. The happy news of Ronni’s birth was also brought to the attention of her mother and father.
The Biles family is going to have twice as much fun celebrating Christmas this year as they had last year as a result of the recent addition of a baby girl to their group. At the baby shower that Simone hosted for her sister Sammi a month ago, her joy was there for all to see as she gathered with her family to rejoice. All of the homies and family were getting ready to meet the newest addition to the group. Back then, Aunt Simone showed off some pictures from the baby shower and expressed her excitement about becoming an aunt for the first time. She penned in the letter that the “baby girl is already incredibly loved.” Since Ronni has recently been a part of the family, everyone refers to her as the “baby biles.”

It should only be a matter of a few more years before the spectators get to witness the aunt and niece combination working together to conduct stunts at the vault. A huge part for little Ronni to perform during Simone’s wedding would be a dream come true for fans, who will soon be able to witness the nuptials of their favorite character.

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