Tamar Braxton elaborates on the alleged threats made against her by Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker by stating the following: “I Have Been Nominated for an Emmy a Total of Five Times” [Video]
On the episode of “Watch What Happens Live” that aired on Sunday night, Tamar essentially confirmed that Kandi Burruss was the “peach” that she had alluded to in a post that she had published several months earlier.
If you remember correctly, Tamar posted on Instagram that she was threatened by a “peach” and the woman’s husband.

During the airing of the most recent episode of “WWHL” on Sunday, Tamar addressed the controversy and detailed all that took place.

Tamar claims, in her colorful rendition of the story, that the drama began when she was asked about Carlos King and the claimed issue that he had with Kandi. She alleges that this sparked the beginning of the conflict.

Tamar made a comment and said that she needed to hear both sides before she could brand someone (Carlos) a liar. Essentially, she was claiming that because she is a “5x Emmy-nominated journalist,” she required all of the evidence before making such a charge.

A little while later, Tamar and Kandi had another altercation, and Tamar claims that Kandi was unhappy over the words that Tamar had said before.

Tamar claims that when she went to talk to Todd, he told her “you know what it is,” which made her feel frightened.

Below, you can hear Tamar retell the story in her own words for you to enjoy.

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