Tamar Braxton Says Kandi Burruss A Billy Goat, Who Can’t Sing
Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss are acting like reality stars. Tamar Braxton has been criticising Kandi’s vocals after Todd Tucker made inappropriate comments to her that made her feel unsafe.
Tamar hinted at a feud with the Tuckers months earlier, but she never mentioned names. Andy Cohen got her to talk by linking the story to Drew Sidora or Eva Marcille.

Tamar added, “And it truly did happen; I’m not lying. I’m not seeking attention or drama, but that truly happened; it wasn’t cute.”

Tamar says she felt they had resolved their issues from Celebrity Big Brother until Kandi and her husband approached her at a December performance.
Her fiance Jr. checked Todd at the next venue, but the couple was silent. After Kandi questioned SWV’s network on SWV & Xscape, Tamar had time to call her out today.

Tamar, who just released a SWV-sampled tune, thinks Kandi shouldn’t have such a big ego with a poor voice. “Todina,” her husband called her. She then sought to backtrack, saying she is “healed AND rescued.” Tamar refused to “roll over” and “standing firm on what she alleged happened.”

Kandi denies her husband Todd Tucker threatened Tamar Braxton. The RHOA star did confirm she and Tamar spoke, but she said she would discuss it elsewhere.

Tamar called Kandi out again for accusing her of victimhood. Kandi calls me a “victim” (smh) to justify her male behaviour. It’s abusive and disrespectful, and men should never step to women. Tamar said.

Tamar’s fiance supports her. JR defended his fiancee on Instagram. JR believes he discussed his Tamar comments with Todd. JR said Todd apologised. JR told Todd that shouldn’t have happened and asked him to apologise to Tamar.

Since Tamar is performing with Xscape and Monica in Washington DC on April 1, Twitter users suspect this is purely to advertise the show. Some say the ladies want a narrative on a future show they might appear on together. “RHOA audition!” One admirer said, “We’ll pass Ms. Mamas.”
Todd hasn’t addressed Tamar’s claims. This story w

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