Al Roker paid tribute to Thom Bell, the iconic Philly producer, composer, and songwriter who died at 79, on Instagram this week. He called Bell a “known producer” for his work with The Spinners, The O’Jays, The Delfonics, The Stylistics, and Elton John

Al Roker called Thom Bell “the soundtrack of my life” in an Instagram post. His supporters posted condolences. Many used crying-face and praying-hand emojis with their kind messages.

Thom Bell’s rhythm and blues, soul, funk, and pop tunes have shaped popular music history. The Spinners and The Stylistics were among his successful album producers. “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time),” “La-La Means I Love You,” and “Betcha By Golly Wow!” were huge hits for The Delfonics and The Stylistics, respectively. He wrote songs with Elton John, one of several Bell-influenced musicians.

Thom Bell died this week, Al Roker delivered a heartfelt tribute. It was a fitting way to honor a music legend and popular culture icon in Philadelphia and beyond.

Al Roker, the iconic Today show anchor, has endured a dreadful few weeks of physical pain, mental battle, and loss.

Al was hospitalized for pulmonary blood clots and released around Thanksgiving. He was well enough to return to usual. After his release, Al’s sister Patricia, a joyful woman, died abruptly.
Al’s fans took to social media to express their amazement and condolences. “Such a tragic loss of an exceptional skill that was able to capture and create a sound like no other,” tweeted one user.

“Despite the sad news, there is positive news. I hope you’re feeling better and getting stronger since @todayshow would be lost without you.”

Since then, Al has received an outpouring of love from people worldwide, from close friends and family who have stood with him at this difficult time to fans who have sent endless messages of support via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Al has used this understanding to cope with Patricia’s loss and combat his illness. He’s appreciative for everyone’s support and working hard to come back stronger.

Al announced his departure last week. He discussed his difficult medical treatments. He was grateful to everyone who prayed for him throughout this tough time.

Al was thankful for many things, especially his followers’ devotion. He recognized how lucky he was to have so many people who cared and wanted him well, even in a horrible moment.

Al had to focus on his health and recovery, even if he missed the show. He thanked everyone for their support and expressed his gratitude.

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