Co-parenting and Ex’s New Wedding: Drama and Flashy Red Dress
Families often divorce. Ex-spouses often stay friends after a divorce. u/remarriage closureseekingex’s complicated things.

The post’s author separated her husband amicably and co-parents their three children without problems. He personally invited her to his second marriage. The post’s author RSVPed yes and arrived in a bright red dress, surprising wedding guests.
The original poster’s crimson clothing drew attention, making the bride feel awkward and anxious. The controversy spoiled the wedding. The original poster denied stealing her ex and blaming herself for the bride’s fears.

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Some celebrity exes, like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, stay friends and attend each other’s weddings, although this is rare. Jan Scott-Frazier recommends ex-spouses to work through their feelings before the wedding.

The original poster was slammed for her flashy wedding guest dress. However, it raises questions about how divorced couples should handle weddings and co-parenting.

The anecdote warns ex-spouses who attend weddings. Maintaining pleasant connections is good, but it’s important to regard the new partner’s feelings and avoid turmoil.

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