Tyler Perry is rich. The king of dark media has released several treasures, which explains why. His humility and thankfulness ground him. Perry keeps humble by keeping the car he drove when he had nothing.
Tyler Perry wrote about his modest blue automobile, which he drives periodically to remember his roots. Perry cherishes his Geo Metro. Perry wrote that he lived in a Geo Metro when he was struggling to make ends meet.

I drive my Geo Metro occasionally. “(When I was destitute, a car like this was my sanctuary)” he captioned.

Perry added that knowing your route helps you stay on target. “If looking back at how far you’ve gone doesn’t make you thankful, I don’t know what will,” he told his 7.1 million followers. “When you appreciate every blessing, you can’t be ungrateful,” he said.

Perry has never hidden his pre-fame hardships. He lived on a package of cookies for a week while homeless. His tale and two car posts were praised in the comments.

He smiled from the driver’s seat. In the second, he drives to a building, possibly on his land.

“Every now and again you had to go back be reminded where you come from,” he added, opening the door. “And if you’re still in the struggle please fight on,” Perry said. It’s lovely after agony.” One person said, “Love this reminder to be grateful???.”

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