Vocalist Mary J. Blige Claims She’s Not Dating Any More Poor Guys Earning Low Salary
Mary J. Blige declared in 2001 that she would accept “No More Trouble” in her life. After that song, she married and divorced Kendu Isaacs, which was well publicised.

Mary has persevered despite all odds. The singer wants more control over who and what enters her life as she moves forward.
Blige married Isaacs for 12 years until their bitter divorce. Page Six reported that Starshell, her artist, cheated on her. TMZ reportedly got court paperwork showing Kendu spending over $400k on Starshell.

Isaacs also requested a lot of money for spousal support and other expenses, including $5,000 per month to give his parents, as he had been doing while married to Mary. Isaacs was her spouse and manager.

“I am not responsible for supporting [Martin’s] parents and his children from another relationship which he cites as ongoing monthly expenses,” Mary said in legal papers, according to Page Six. Isaacs, who claimed to be “unemployable,” received $30k in monthly spousal assistance. Mary opened up to Variety about her ex-drama. husband’s

Living. Many things bother me. Right? “He was a con artist and he didn’t, and now he’s going for me for all my money,” the Grammy Award-winning artist claimed. “After that, you realise you were never the one. His queen was another. Played. Suckered. I must be positive since this is meant to kill me.”
Since the divorce, Blige has worked on many projects, including acting. She may not be ready to date again, but when she is, broke men are out. Blige told BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ Ace, “He has to have more money than me.” “Because I’m done with men!”

“I’m having a ball,” Blige said. Fun! Liberated. Mind-free. Free-spirited. Free to be me, do me, and live my life with others.”

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