Mary J. Blige, the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul, inspired a generation of R&B fans and musicians. Mary has no children but is a mother to many.

Blige’s Public Relations

Mary J. Blige became famous through singing through heartbreak. Blige was actually going through some bad situations with her ex-boyfriends. Blige dated Jodeci’s K-Ci in the early ’90s after her breakthrough.

Two streetwise popstars with soulful voices were perfect together. Their duets showed off their extraordinary connection, yet they were frequently at odds and suffering with fame, jealously, and drug usage. Stardom drove them apart, and they never married or had children.

Her next public relationship began positively. Blige married music business executive Kendu Issacs. Blige’s experience as a step-mother to Kendu’s three children inspired lighter music.

Regrettably, emotional and verbal abuse would lead to impossibly poor relations. Kendu and Blige split in 2016. They were childless.

Blige 51 and Childless

51-year-old Mary J. Blige is childless. She joins Vivica A. Fox, Oprah Winfrey, and other famous women questioned about their childlessness. Some say the timing wasn’t right, yet all these women have very hectic schedules. Mary J. Blige said she appreciates her freedom and loves to come and go when asked about having children. The R&B singer also said she hates watching family and friends struggle to find babysitters.

Mary J. Blige had a big year with a new album and a Super Bowl performance. The singer releases music frequently, performs, and appears in more movies and TV shows. She endorses various well-known products on social media. Mary enjoys partying and travelling with Sean “Diddy” Combs and Lil Kim.

Mary is a fitness fanatic and has shown off her revenge body on Instagram. She captioned her gold bikini photo #wherethemoneyresides. That much going on explains why she never had children. Mary stated that she would regret adopting or fostering a child due to her lack of time.

Mary J.

Mary godmothers Justin Combs, Diddy’s kid. She posted a poolside birthday photo of him. “Happy Birthday to my lovely, magnificent & handsome godson @princejdc,” the caption read. ?????? #capricornseason ”

Mary supported her godson’s acceptance of a UCLA scholarship despite his father’s billionaire status in 2012 while promoting Rock of Ages. Mary snapped that people should be delighted for him and knew he deserves the scholarship.

Blige Stepmom
Mary adored becoming Kendu’s second mum during their marriage. She said she “loved them so much” and didn’t want them to call her mama in 2007. “Call me Mary. They can call me Mommy when they’re ready.” She talked about Brianna, Jordan, and Nas’ future goals in subsequent interviews. She said Jordan wanted to be a filmmaker and Nas a philosopher and speaker. She and Brianna appeared close. Brianna, now a reality celebrity, has praised her stepmother on TV.

Mary J. Blige’s Relationship with Kendu and His Kids?

Mary and Brianna no longer talk. She joined Growing Up Hip-Hop as Mary and her father divorced. She says she knew the divorce would be hard, but she didn’t anticipate Mary to isolate herself. “Me and Mary, I thought we had, like, a real thing,” she stated in an episode around the divorce. I love her and understand. She’s going through problems, so she probably can’t talk to me right now, and I accept that, but it’s almost like I lost somebody.” Since the breakup, siblings Jordan and Nas have never discussed Mary.

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