I’m Jake,Jake Teaches His Mom a Lesson About Family and when my mother—who ought to have been encouraging—surprised us and chastised us, I discovered how to defend my family.

The year I met Linda changed my life. She is amazing; compassionate, strong, and wise. May, her kid, and I hit it off right away. I took on the role of a father figure for May since her giggle makes me happy and her father isn’t here. She seemed like a perfect fit for my life.

My mother, however, holds traditional ideas about families. She never expressed her dislike of us outright, but she let it be known by her behavior. She told me in a whisper that my marriage wouldn’t endure as she turned down our invitations and declined to appear in family pictures at our wedding. After hearing this, Linda sobbed, destroying our wonderful day.

Mom went too far a few weeks ago. Claiming to be having a heart attack, she called. When I arrived, she was sitting comfortably with my brothers and their families. “Finally, our family is together without that burden you always drag with you,” my mother had lied to get me there by yourself.

I decided to give her a lesson about true family, even though I was outraged. I made a picture album called “Our Whole Family,” which is full of pictures of Linda, May, and me at pleasant times. I made hints about getting a divorce to get Mom to come over.

I showed her the album when she got there. She was curious at first, but as she paged through it, her wrath grew. She questioned, “What’s supposed to mean?” “This is my family, and they are not a burden,” I firmly retorted. We won’t have you in our lives if you can’t accept it.
I then declared my intention to formally adopt May along with the renewal of our vows. Mother was taken aback and hurriedly left, but I felt comforted. My brothers’ call later offering their support was really consoling.

Mom called a week later, sorry and in tears. She approached Linda and May, expressed regret for her actions, and started attempting to get to know them. We gradually mended our relationship as she showed genuine respect by attending our vow renewal ceremony.

The moral of the story is to defend your loved ones even when they disagree with you. People may require a wake-up call to recognize their errors. Keep your loved ones safe from abuse at all costs.

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This story is inspired by real individuals and events, even though it has been romanticized for artistic purposes. For privacy, names and information have been modified. Any likeness to actual people—living or deceased—is entirely coincidental.

The thoughts expressed in this story are those of the characters; the author does not hold any positions of authority.

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