Terry Crews and his spouse strike a pose with their five children, all dressed same.
On the red carpet, nine-year-old Sara Gilbert’s son dazzles in a shimmering dress and heels.
53-year-old Melissa McCarthy is seen as “unrecognisable” following her dramatic weight loss.

Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry’s attractive 47-year-old fiancé, “has aged.”
Roseanne Barr, 71, chopped off her natural hair and debuted lengthy blonde dreads.
The news digest for this week looks at some of the most notable events in pop culture that were all captured on video. Get up to date on all the juicy details you might have missed, from Melissa McCarthy’s remarkable weight loss to Katy Perry’s attractive beau’s much-discussed appearance, in our carefully curated compilation.

How Does the Nine-Year-Old Son of Sara Gilbert Look in a Shiny Dress and Heels?
At the June 6 premiere of her musical documentary “Linda Perry: Let It Die Here,” legendary musician Linda Perry,59, lit up the red carpet. She was accompanied by a very special and endearing visitor: the nine-year-old daughter she had with her well-known ex Sara Gilbert. People were drawn to Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry’s appearance.
Rhodes matched Linda’s celebrity demeanour by donning a distinctive long-sleeved black outfit with gold designs all over it. Black tights and glittery block-heel boots completed the look.

Rhodes accessorised her look with a gold necklace, black gloves, and a cuddly plush animal while walking the red carpet.
At the Tribeca Festival, Linda, who was taking pictures with her cherished child, wore an all-black ensemble that included a large hat, a leather jacket, black trousers and platform boots.

She accessorised her look with elegant gold necklaces as well. Images of the pair sparked a flurry of comments highlighting how much Rhodes and Sara resemble each other.
One Facebook user said, “He looks like Sara,” while another concurred, saying, “He definitely looks like [her].” One reader said, “Cute shot. I’m just happy to see the mother and boy together in pictures. clever lady. God bless Rhodes and Linda.

However, several others were perplexed as to why Rhodes was dressed like a boy in a dress. “A boy dressed like a girl? 😮,” wondered someone on social media. Another person said, “It’s Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry.” He is dressed suitably for this location.”

More questions followed, one of them asking, “Son or Daughter?! 😯” Another person supported this statement by saying, “It doesn’t matter as long as the child is happy and healthy.”
Linda included a hint about Rhodes’ gender identity in the title of one of her YouTube videos for anyone who might be confused.

The “Spaceman” singer shared a cute video of herself and Rhodes playing their iconic song “What’s Up” two days ago, on June 8, 2024. The message was posted with the headline “Linda Perry – What’s Up (featuring my daughter Rhodes).”

“Those seem like the offspring of a rock star. Many males in the music industry dress in “feminine” fashion, such as leggings, scarves, high heels, boots, and other items. The child seemed content,” one reader wrote. Something like, ‘Game of Thrones’ character, is how another person put it. Let his creative innocence run, he’s nine ❤️.”

What Are the Five Children of Terry Crews and His Wife Like?
A recent Instagram post by broadcaster Hoda Kotb featured a picture of Terry Crews and his family. Commenting on the article, the journalist’s fans expressed gratitude for Terry and his longterm wife, Rebecca King-Crews, for their unwavering devotion.

Terry is seen in the photo grinningly standing with his wife and children while wearing matching maroon sweaters and trousers. Fans praised the couple and their family in the comment section after the video was released.

One user commented, “Perfect woman and husband.” Somebody else wrote, “What a beautiful family so blessed.” Someone exclaimed, “What a Lovely Couple! His Lady is Truly Loved by Him, and vice versa!” Terry was hailed as a role model by another, who said, “One of the best, if not THE BEST, male role models in Hollywood.”

Following his appearance on “Today with Hoda and Jenna” on June 10, 2024, Terry uploaded a video to social media. Rebecca joined him, and the two of them talked about his family and his professional success. After exchanging vows in July 1989, the pair has been together for 35 years.
They have one son, Isaiah, who is the youngest, and four daughters, Tera, Azriel, Wynfrey, and Naomi. Terry spoke openly about Rebecca’s selflessness in the interview, stating that she gave up her goals so they may follow theirs.
Following their perusal of our piece, which featured endearing photos of the lovely Crews family, readers of AmoMama have offered their commendation for Terry and his family. A reader drooled, calling it “a picture of pure joy and happiness.”

A second person said, “How wonderful they seem so happy.” Another person echoed the comments, saying, “He has a beautiful wife and children. 👍🏽🙏🏽.”
How Does 53-year-old Melissa McCarthy Appear After Amazing Weight Loss?
On June 11, 2024, Melissa McCarthy went to “Criminal: The 10-Year Anniversary Show” at the 2024 Tribeca Festival in New York City. She chose an all-white ensemble with flowy slacks and a floral blouse for the event.
Her toned body was flaunted by the trousers, and AmoMama readers could not help but notice. In the Facebook comment section, they praised her profusely.

“Wow, she looks wonderful, so proud of her self-esteem,” one person gushed, and another said, “WOW! She appears completely different! She looks great when she loses weight.”
Another voice said, “She is stunning in any case. Additionally, that blouse is stunning.” “Wow, she looks so beautiful,” another said. I need her recipe for losing weight.” In the meantime, someone else said, “It was better before.”

McCarthy has never been bothered by remarks about her weight, even if she also doesn’t worry excessively about getting older. In an interview from November 2012, she opened up about her self-perception. “There are moments when I wish I were a size 6 by magic and never had to think about my weight,” she said. Nevertheless, the actress did not worry herself over it and said that at the moment it felt strangely healthy.

Furthermore, her stature has never been a consideration for her acting assignments. “I’ve never been interested in playing the boring ingenue,” she said. “I’m constantly curious about her strange companion. I enjoy the eccentrics.
McCarthy disclosed that she put on weight after having two children and didn’t give her body enough time to heal. She returned to work straight away, which caused her back to hurt. Fortunately, she recovered by doing Pilates.

What Happened to 71-year-old Roseanne Barr’s Hair After She Cut It Off?
It’s no secret that comedian and actress Roseanne Barr enjoys keeping her audience guessing with her constantly shifting haircuts. Barr embraces new styles with unrestrained flare, even at seventy-nine.
Her most recent Instagram picture demonstrates her sense of adventure. Her startling new haircut, which she unveiled, has admirers talking. Barr looked stunning in the video, which was a promotion for her upcoming performance at the Texas CapCity Comedy Club.

With her beautiful blonde hair tangled in dreads, she had a young, vibrant vibe. Even though she wore a bright pink top and a baseball cap to partially hide her new hairstyle, it was hard to overlook the transformation.

Her daring new appearance won her fans, and the comments area soon overflowed with praise. One ardent fan said, “I LOVE the hair, Rosie!!! 🔥❤️👴.”

“Girl… your hair is cute,” a heart emoji was used to accentuate the comment from another loyal follower. Someone more wrote, “Loving the dreads❤️❤️❤️❤️,” and another admirer just said, “You are so beautiful 😍.”

Barr’s unafraid attitude to style and beauty demonstrates that, in terms of self-expression and reinvention, age truly is nothing. Her persistent charm and charisma are demonstrated by her ability to consistently surprise and amaze her followers with her fashion choices.
Barr appears to have joined the group of famous people who like the style and utility of protective hairstyles. These looks are now the mainstay of natural hair care. They not only protect natural hair but also encourage strong, healthy hair development.

Another person echoed the emotion by saying, “OMG. OFFERS HER NOTHING 😱.” On the other side, another individual made the following observation: “Life would be boring if you couldn’t laugh at yourself. I may have messed up my hair a lot, but you can always chop it off and start over.”
Why Do People Think Orlando Bloom, a 47-year-old fiancé of Katy Perry, “Has Aged”?

On June 6, a pair from Hollywood, Orlando Bloom, 47, and Katy Perry, 39, were seen coming to Ellen DeGeneres’s comedy show, “An Evening with Ellen DeGeneres,” in West Hollywood. Social media users were shocked by their informal look for a number of reasons, chief among them being their association with “The Lord of the Rings” protagonist.

The “Dark Horse” singer arrived at the comedy gig and was seen stepping out of a sleek black SUV in photos and videos that were broadcast by multiple news agencies. Katy chose a sassy casual ensemble for the event, tucking her grey leotard top into her jungle green trousers.
She accessorised her look with a beige pocketbook and a chrome-colored jacket, as well as platform shoes, a silver chain, silver earrings, and a bright orange headgear. A little of her crimson bra was also visible through her top’s tiny straps.

Conversely, Katy’s boyfriend looked great in olive-colored khaki trousers and a grey UNICEF sweatshirt. He added trainers and a black cap to round out his outfit. Video of the two of them arrived in different automobiles just before Orlando approached Katy’s car to say hello.
Katy was heard saying “hello” to the paparazzi as someone from the artist’s staff opened the car door for her. She then noticed her fiancé and screamed for him, calling him a “baby.”
After giving each other a quick, tender kiss, he turned to face the cameras, and Katy got out of the SUV and started gathering her things. She flashed her beautiful whites at the cameramen and smiled before heading into the venue.

Katy and Orlando were observed leaving the arena at a later time, probably following the conclusion of the event. They were immediately surrounded by scores of admirers and camera flashes as soon as they stepped back outside. After that, the pair drove off together in a black sedan.
The outing with Katy and Orlando generated a lot of different feedback on social media. A few expressed their comments about their appearance, praising the musician and ogling Orlando’s elderly appearance.
“She looks fantastic! Orlando is older, God bless him,” an Instagram user commented. Another expressed that view regarding Orlando: “I was like who’s that old man next to Katy Perry, oh yes that’s Orlando Bloom 😬.”

“She appears stunning. “And Orlando Bloom is there afterwards,” another onlooker remarked. However, another person questioned both of their ensembles, asking, “Why are they dressed like 14-year-olds at the skate park[?]”
But amidst the criticism Orlando faced, one admirer gave him kudos, saying, “Her husband is sooo cute!❤️.” Upon seeing Katy and Orlando together, a different group of social media fans became perplexed, believing the couple had called it quits.

“I thought they broke up,” a commenter on the couple’s YouTube video said. In the same way, someone else wondered, “They are a couple?” A reply to this said something like, “Yeah they’ve been together forever.”

In case you were wondering, Katy and Orlando have been together since the beginning of their personal connection. Orlando gushed about his love for his fiancée on his podcast with legendary host and comedian Trevor Noah just two months ago (April).

Orlando talked about how he fell in love with the ordinary woman beneath Katy’s legendary status rather than being seduced by her star power. “I fell in love with, this, with Katheryn, this girl from Santa Barbara, you know, and by the way, parents—pastors, living on food stamps—we’re not talking glamorous Montecito,” stated the renowned actor.

One AmoMama reader defended Orlando’s appearance on his and Katy’s latest outing by saying, “He doesn’t look old.” It appears that he has dropped weight, which can first make one appear a little older.”
In contrast to the previous comment, a different reader stated, “He looks older than 47…poor fellow.” But another person said, “Getting older is a natural part of life! Have Joy!”

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