Some people thought Orenthal James Simpson, also known as O.J., had gotten away with murder when he was found not guilty of stabbing to death his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Now that O.J.’s cancer diagnosis has been publicized, the same detractors are yelling, “Karma!”

According to reports cited by Miami’s Local 10 News, O.J. is receiving chemotherapy treatments in Las Vegas following his prostate cancer diagnosis.

The sacked NFL player had previously revealed in a May 2023 video that he had cancer on X, which was formerly known as Twitter. O.J. stated, “Unfortunately, I had cancer and COVID at the same time, but I’m over the chemo.” Either way, I’m well now. I appear to have defeated it. That makes me pleased,” he said.

February 9, O.J. returned to X and spoke about cancer once more.

However, he was now dismissing rumors that he was receiving hospice care. Hospice? Hospice care? You’re discussing hospice?” he exclaimed, chuckling. “I don’t reside in a hospice. Who posted that, I’m not sure. I suppose whoever posted that is similar to Donald Trump when he says, “You can’t trust the media!”

O.J. assured supporters that he is in top physical condition and expressed excitement about entertaining a large group of pals to watch the Chiefs take on the 49ers on Super Bowl Sunday. Even still, not everyone is happy with O.J.’s self-declared excellent health. Some people are running with the exact same sinister thinking after receiving a cancer diagnosis.


Simpson’s detractors are rejoicing in the aisles after his alleged cancer diagnosis. not only the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.
“Hopefully, the timer on his murderous butt is running out.Perhaps before he passes away, he will reveal the truth, but I doubt it because he still believes the lies he has been spreading since he viciously killed two people.can’t wait for me to happen!” commented another individual.

It is obvious that innocent until proven guilty does not apply in the US. Or, in O.J.’s instance, innocent even if acquitted. According to a 2016 Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 69% of US residents thought the jury shouldn’t have found O.J. not guilty even though the glove didn’t fit; 7% thought he wasn’t guilty; and 20% weren’t sure. Opinion is split along racial lines, as demonstrated by the trial in the 1990s, with 73% of White people believing O.J. is guilty opposed to 44% of Black people and 67% of Hispanic people.

This is not surprising.
Nevertheless, it seems that everyone on the jury of the internet is sticking to the same story. When O.J. joined X in 2019, a few days after the 25th anniversary of Nicole and Goldman’s murders, there was outcry. Yashar Ali, a writer, begged people to follow Ron’s sister Kim Goldman on Twitter, saying, “I see that the unrepentant murderer just joined.” Kim Goldman “should have more followers than that monster.”

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